These Zodiac Signs Go Well Together But Will Break Up

These Zodiac Signs Go Well Together But Will Break Up

Did you think you and your ex were a good match but ended up being single heartbroken anyway? Are you wondering where it all went so wrong?

Astrology can be useful in predicting how well your relationship will really work. Nevertheless, the reality is sometimes very different. However, there are certainly some pair combinations with supposedly good compatibility that rarely work. The cosmos helps us figure out who these couples are and why they keep walking away.

This can be an effective predictor of how two personalities will interact in a romantic sense. Will they get along well or will they constantly argue and even end up fighting each other? 

These zodiac signs are compatible but keep breaking you up:

Gemini and Aquarius

This couple is the perfect example: the two zodiac signs are a good match, but they most likely break up because they have certain qualities that push them apart again as a couple. Because both are too emotionally reserved. While this match works so well on so many levels, disconnects keep happening. 

Unfortunately, their communication skills don’t extend to their emotions as both tend to run away from it and can’t face the fact of how they really feel.

Both zodiac signs may need slightly more loving partners to help them bring out their vulnerability and the emotions they are repressing. Gemini and Aquarius can only function as a couple if both are willing to actively take care of their emotional world and work with it.

Aries and Leo

This couple seems great at first glance, but they’re just too selfish. This is a relationship that will not lack intensity and passion! Both in thought and in action, Leo and Aries’s personalities never get boring, so it won’t be difficult for the two of them to keep up the tension in their relationship. 

The energy is reciprocated on both sides, allowing partners to empower and motivate each other to try things that they may have been too afraid of before. Unfortunately, both are such proud signs that this energy is often channeled into the unhealthy competition, which leads to cracks in the relationship and can cause trust issues between partners.

At the end of the relationship, it’s all about being in control and neither of them wants to back down an inch. Unfortunately, for this reason, their partnership usually does not last.

The solution is obvious: one of the two has to give in every now and then and take care of the good of the relationship instead of insisting on their pride. Only in this way can the relationship have a long-term future.

Libra and Sagittarius

And this duo is also too stubborn to be happy in the long term. These zodiac signs bring out the best in each other on an emotional level, as Libra’s communicative and patient nature complements Sagittarius’ philosophical and liberal personality. This interaction allows both parties to reflect on experiences and even the depth of their emotions. 

The problem arises when it comes to trust, as these commitment-phobic zodiac signs don’t want to make the first move. Nobody can really let themselves go and leave the steering to the other. And until that happens, the two will experience breakup after breakup. Or they just break up once and then just don’t try again.

Capricorn and Virgo

Unfortunately, Capricorn and Virgo will not be able to stay together forever. Because this combination is too platonic. As two of the smartest zodiac signs, both logical and rational, you would expect this relationship to work well, and for the most part, it does. Both have found someone they can communicate with on some level.

In relationships, however, the romantic part is also crucial. The biggest problem these two signs will have is on a  romantic level. When it comes to affection, neither is known for their resourcefulness, as their passion is often channeled into work or personal projects. The only hope for this couple is when they try to put some energy into the romantic part of their relationship.

Scorpio and Taurus

These two zodiac signs are too uncompromising to be in a long-term relationship. Your opposite sides will definitely attract as sparks will fly on a romantic level. This not only happens at the beginning of the relationship but also continues throughout the relationship. 

Nonetheless, these two zodiac signs are perhaps the most stubborn and jealous of the horoscope, so it’s safe to assume that neither of them shies away from arguments or drama. Even a single argument can easily lead to a major breakup between partners. They may always find their way back together, but to keep things sane, partners should work on their trust and communication. That way, jealousy has no chance in the relationship.

Cancer and Pisces

Cancer and Pisces feel incredibly comfortable together. That’s why they bond with each other pretty quickly. But neither sign brings much energy or spontaneity to the relationship, so they quickly find that the atmosphere can get a little monotonous and even suffocating. 

This couple can initially be an overly safe choice that loses its romantic appeal after the initial excitement. To make things more exciting, the couple needs to bring more unpredictability and adventure into the relationship. Joint projects can also keep the couple together.


These Zodiac Signs Go Well Together But Will Break Up

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