These zodiac signs are very sensitive

Some people always react a little more sensitively and emotionally to certain situations. You are just a little more sensitive. We’ll tell you which signs of the zodiac are particularly sensitive people.

These three signs of the zodiac are very sensitive.


Cancer is very good at empathizing with other people. That’s why this zodiac sign is the perfect listener. For this reason, cancer is often asked for advice. Cancer also has great difficulty letting go of loved ones, which is why it is particularly difficult for them to break up. Sometimes his sudden emotional mood swings seem a little disproportionate to unexpected situations, but to Cancer they are very real and genuine.


Pisces always say what they feel. Which is why they are not afraid to show tears or show weakness. Pisces are also one of the most empathic signs of the zodiac. It is very easy for you to empathize with other people and to empathize with certain emotions. This also has a major disadvantage: In part, this means that they can no longer differentiate which feelings are their own. For this reason, Pisces are always looking for a certain loneliness in order to be clear about their emotions.


Behind its facade you can find a very sensitive side, because secretly the Scorpio is very vulnerable. He is particularly sensitive to criticism and is literally exploding inside every time. Because the Scorpio often equates negative criticism with infidelity. The zodiac sign likes to turn his vulnerability around: he is always resentful and sometimes even has to fight to suppress his feelings of revenge.


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