These Zodiac Signs Are Reserved On Dates

Reserved On Dates

These Zodiac Signs Are Reserved On Dates

Palpitations, sweaty hands, nervousness – such a dating phase is something nice! For some zodiac signs, however, dating means pure stress. They are therefore extremely reserved and prefer to approach the matter slowly at first!

These three zodiac signs take their time before revealing their feelings.


Pisces is one of the dreamy zodiac signs that are exceptionally sensitive. Normal everyday life can easily overwhelm Pisces. And so it’s no wonder that the zodiac sign isn’t exactly self-confident personified, even on a date. Pisces are always worried about being rejected. And so that this doesn’t happen to them, they would never dare to take the first step. Only when Pisces has gained the trust and are really sure that their partner is showing interest are they willing to open up. 


Aries also struggle with anxiety. In addition, he is sometimes a naysayer. He often assumes the worst case and has therefore acquired a stable protective armor. The zodiac sign is actually a sensitive and warm-hearted being. If you want to conquer an Aries, you first have to crack his protective armor and approach him first when flirting. At some point, however, the ram sheds its initial reticence and then turns out to be a loving and caring fellow!


The Virgo-born are particularly sensitive companions. Before and on a date, they are usually very nervous. They have no reason at all because, in their natural way, they usually enchant their counterpart in no time. And yet Virgo-born people like to hold back at the beginning. On the one hand, because they are just like that, on the other hand, because they can lure the other person out of their reserve.

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