These zodiac signs are incredibly selfish

Putting yourself first and paying attention to your needs is incredibly healthy and important. But some go too far and show absolutely no consideration for others. Because they are extremely selfish.

And that is often closely related to the respective zodiac sign. These three signs of the zodiac in particular are real egoists. They tend to let others down and hurt others just to achieve their goals.

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This zodiac sign has a reputation for being very strong-willed and stubborn. In fact, Aries often feels that the world is all about him. Because of his egocentric nature, it is often not so easy for his fellow human beings. Because the Aries always demands great sacrifices from his friends, because he immediately feels much better through the confirmation of his surroundings. That is why he is one of the zodiac signs that can be quite selfish. He usually gets what he wants with it, but sooner or later he suppresses his friends and partners with this type. The Aries has to realize that for his friendships and relationships he finally has to take the initiative himself!


Gemini is definitely one of the selfish zodiac signs. Because he is often so busy with himself that he has no time at all to deal with the problems of his fellow human beings. While his selfishness is not intentional, his stubborn actions often hurt the feelings of others. He just doesn’t manage to think about the others every now and then and show some empathy. While in most cases this works out well for this zodiac sign and it achieves its goals, in the long term this can mean that Gemini will eventually end up alone.


Leo doesn’t want to share his spotlight appearance with anyone. Most of the time he only concentrates on himself. When he gets to know new people, he is initially very open and helpful. But appearances are deceptive. Because in this way he only wants to get the recognition that he so desperately wants. He often lacks empathy and empathy. While the desire in him to finally have a serious partnership and to build up a close circle of friends is great, his equally large ego keeps getting in his way. Only those who recognize this can change.


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