These zodiac signs are drawn to toxic people

It’s weird, but sometimes we are drawn to what hurts us of all things. These can be habits, experiences – or people. The following zodiac signs probably know what we’re talking about. According to the horoscope, of all people, who are actually poison for them, exert a magical attraction on them.


Capricorns are fundamentally very independent, determined and self-confident people and actually need people in their environment who are similarly independent and straight and who inspire and inspire them. Instead, the earth sign feels drawn to people who are insecure and can hardly make a decision on their own. Capricorns sometimes quarrel with this because they themselves notice that these people are slowing them down and that they are actually not necessarily a character who likes to take care of themselves. But not even a Capricorn can compete with some invisible forces.


In contrast to the Capricorn, Pisces love to take care of other people. However, the watermark tends to overdo it a bit and completely ignore its own needs. This is why fish ideally need people around them who can show them limits and remind them to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, the zodiac sign rarely attracts such people. Often it seeks closeness to people who take advantage of it and have no problem taking without giving.


Leos have a strong need for love, appreciation, and encouragement. Anyone who seems to (!) Be able to give them this in sufficient measure has them in their hands. That is why the fire sign unfortunately comes back to people who take advantage of it and play with them. Often they believe they can get everything they want in their relationships. But in truth there is usually a lot more than it suspects – and the less you get in return.

April 26th: You do not notice your exhaustion in these zodiac signs

We all feel exhausted at times – and at the moment probably more often and more together than usual. The corona crisis seems to be affecting a lot of people right now. Although the vaccinations are picking up speed and the end is indeed in sight, pandemic fatigue prevails and we feel powerless, drained, broken. And sensitive. Some people notice their exhaustion immediately, others at the second glance at the earliest. When it comes to the following zodiac signs , it is not usually noticeable when they are exhausted. To most people they seem like inexhaustible bundles of energy.


Capricorns usually hide their exhaustion – or they simply power through them. The earth sign does not allow itself to sag, because it literally torments the Capricorn when others have to support him or jump in for him. It’s a shame, after all, after all, most people like to help and it is easier for them to ask for help themselves and admit that they are knocked out when others do the same. In particular, characters as inexhaustible as the Capricorn. 


Aries never show their exhaustion. Do you ever run out of energy? Difficult to say, the fire sign would have to answer that itself. Or maybe it just doesn’t admit to being done? A little mystery, this ram, but definitely one that you experience as good as broken.


Even if he thinks his exhaustion is written on his face: To others, the Taurus always looks confident, steadfast and as if he still had a lot of reserves. This can put the earth sign under a lot of pressure at times – because it forces it to actively sound the alarm when it can no longer and to ask for help. And that is anything but easy for many bulls.


No matter how all twins are – they always remain quick-witted, funny, charming and positive. This belies most people about their true state. The air sign looks fresh and bubbly, although it feels drained and exhausted. Usually it does not intend to do so. It’s just his nature.


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