These Zodiac Signs Are Currently Constantly Looking For A Fight

These Zodiac Signs Are Currently Constantly Looking For A Fight

No matter what you do, you always do something wrong. We get this feeling with some zodiac signs. Because they turn every mistake into a big fight. 

But there is much more to it than just the joy of arguing. 


Scorpios don’t really know what’s going on with them right now. Because they would prefer to just spend the whole day on the couch. They are more than fed up with everyday life and everything and everyone annoys them. This constant irritation means that Scorpios are currently involved in one or the other argument, which in turn only reinforces their bad mood. A real vicious circle! 


The Virgos are just too honest. As perfectionists, they cannot help but point out mistakes and address weaknesses and problems. This will be their undoing, especially in the coming weeks.

Because the often bold nature of Virgos can quickly appear nasty, especially to sensitive zodiac signs, and cause some disputes that Virgos seem to have provoked. So there are situations in which the Virgo unconsciously starts big conflicts, although they actually only wanted to make their opinion known. A little tip, dear Virgos: the sound makes the music – so think twice before you criticize something!


Outwardly, the Sagittarians seem one thing above all: grumpy. Because no matter what you ask them or what you do with them, they always find something to complain about and criticize every little detail. But behind this seeming search for contention lies a much bigger problem for the shooters. You’re just not at peace with yourself right now.

It is precisely this dissatisfaction that carries over to their entire everyday life and causes a lot of arguments. To get out of this, Sagittarians need a break from their everyday lives and a time when they finally make self-care a priority! 

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