These Zodiac Signs Are Bad At Talking About Their Feelings

Talking About Their Feelings

These Zodiac Signs Are Bad At Talking About Their Feelings

Talking openly about your own feelings and showing them is not always easy. After all, it’s about what’s inside us. There are people who find it particularly difficult to talk about emotions – and that is partly due to the zodiac sign.

These zodiac signs are particularly reserved when it comes to their feelings.


Aquarius doesn’t always know what to do with their feelings. Revealing them to others is definitely out of the question for him. He prefers to hide them and suffer quietly. If someone turns to the zodiac sign and pours their heart out to them, Aquarius can react very dismissively. He often doesn’t even know how to deal with his own feelings. That’s why he quickly gets overwhelmed.


Capricorn is a very goal-oriented zodiac sign. In order to achieve his goals, it often happens that he closes himself off and simply neglects it. He himself calls it efficient, personal resource management. But it is not uncommon for his feelings to break out in a bundle after a particularly stressful phase. So it wouldn’t hurt Capricorns to talk a little about their feelings every now and then. That way he can prevent it from happening uncontrollably next time.


Virgo is particularly good at analyzing and categorizing everything around them. But dealing with her own feelings is difficult for her. That’s why she doesn’t talk about it. It takes her forever to think about it before she even says a word about how her heart is. And the reason for this is the fact that there is no ready-made scheme for this to guide her. That’s why she often gets caught up in a whirlpool of thoughts that pulls her deeper and deeper into her emotional world. Only when she has sorted out her feelings to some extent does she manage to talk about them, but that takes a while.

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