These Zodiac Signs Are Always Running Away From Love

Always Running Away From Love

These Zodiac Signs Are Always Running Away From Love

There are people who just seem to attract happiness in love. And then there are those who have absolutely no knack for it and seem to go through life completely blind, running away from love instead of receiving it.

A phenomenon that applies particularly to three zodiac signs.


Aquarius Philosophy: If it’s meant to happen, it will happen. Unfortunately, the zodiac sign overlooks only one thing: Nothing comes from nothing! Because in order to get to know the person you want to spend your life with, you have to do something and not sit at home and wait for your great love to ring the doorbell. And even if that’s the case, Aquarius tends to find fault with everything. Achieving his claims is almost impossible.


Not even if Mrs. or Mr. Right stood right in front of Taurus and said, “I’m the love of your life!” the zodiac sign would probably respond to that. Because when it comes to love, it really needs some tutoring. How about this: Instead of always pushing everything away, the Taurus could just get involved with something new. Instead of running away, just hit it! This also shortens the search for the person with whom he wants to spend his future.


Unfortunately, Capricorns have been hurt so often that they are skeptical about every new encounter. What if he or she rejects me too and then I suffer again? Of course, the risk is always there. But because the zodiac sign not only withdraws but also shields all feelings, it has no way of letting new people into its life. If the Capricorn gathers all his courage and jumps over his shadow, then the chances are high that he will finally meet his true love.

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