These Zodiac Signs Are Always Late

Always Late

These Zodiac Signs Are Always Late

Anyone who places great value on punctuality is all too often disappointed in stressful everyday life. Because some people are just always late! This can also be related to the zodiac sign.

These three zodiac signs are always late! 


If Leos were completely honest, the reason for their constant tardiness would be very simple: they always put themselves first in life. 

So it doesn’t bother her that others have to keep waiting for her. After all, there were good reasons for being late (and by “good reasons” they mean a coffee to go, a spontaneous trip to a cute shop, or a little extra time to get dressed!) 

Being late also has a good side effect: it guarantees a great entrance. And if there’s one thing the lion love, it’s being in the center of the action. 


Pisces are very easily distracted. For example, while they are doing housework, it is not uncommon for them to discover a new hobby. It’s a distraction that takes up a lot of time and regularly messes up Pisces’ everyday lives. 

Because all too often it happens that on the way to a meeting or meeting, they still have to do some things and completely forget about the time. It’s a trait that those around the lovable Pisces will eventually get used to – and adapt to. (A little tip: always give your fish a much earlier meeting place!) 


Sagittarians love spontaneity . You enjoy giving in to the day and feel restricted by structures and strict daily routines. 

Appointment calendars or reminders are therefore an absolute no-go for many shooters. It can quickly happen that the shooter forgets an appointment or only remembers it shortly beforehand. 

Since rushing and stressing is not in their nature, they simply come too late – mostly unannounced. This can quickly lead to conflicts; especially if the meeting has been arranged with a more organized zodiac sign. 

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