These Zodiac Signs Are Already Longing For A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

These Zodiac Signs Are Already Longing For A Fresh Start

The year has only just begun, but some zodiac signs are sure: it’s time for a new start. You are already fed up with 2023 and want to start over.

Because the past few weeks have been turbulent for them!


Scorpios somehow imagined the new year differently. Because actually, they wanted to do everything differently in the spirit of “New Year – New Me”. New rituals, new daily routines, and lots of optimizations included. But then came everyday life and with it the same habits and traps. Towards the end of January, the Scorpios finally had enough. They finally want to tackle their goals and start a new phase.


For the shooters, the new year brought one thing above all: a lot of questions. Because instead of clarity and security, the shooters felt a lot of uncertainty about their lives in the past few days. All the things and people you trusted blindly a few weeks ago now seem treacherous and uncertain. It’s a feeling that can be very draining on a shooter’s mental health. That’s why they want to try a new start and get rid of all the doubts in one fell swoop. For some, that means a new job, for others a personal change of scenery.


The Pisces has spent much of the past few weeks in thought. Because for them there were many things that they still wanted to work through. Be it disputes that are still pending from the past year, unresolved relationship problems, or uncertainties regarding your own body image. The fish wanted to work on all of this intensively before daring to try anything new. And now it’s finally time and nothing stands in the way of a confident restart full of positive developments!

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