These Zodiac Signs Always Fall In Love With Taken People

Love With Taken People

These Zodiac Signs Always Fall In Love With Taken People

It must have happened to many of you that you fell in love with a person who just doesn’t return the feelings. This can be due to a lack of interest or simply because the crush is already in a relationship. However, one or the other zodiac sign has a special knack for often falling in love with people who have been taken.

Unfortunately, the lovesickness is already pre-programmed…


If your zodiac sign is Pisces, you will fall in love very quickly. Because Pisces just love to feel that tingling in your stomach and to develop feelings for someone head over heels. Stupid only if it concerns already assigned, persons. Unfortunately, this happens very often to the zodiac sign. But in order to save themselves, even more, lovesickness and not to destroy a relationship under any circumstances, Pisces prefer to withdraw and try to let their wounds heal in silence.


Taurus can very often be single-minded and extremely stubborn. They are used to getting what they want so badly. But there is one thing they are powerless to do: when the people they are madly in love with are already in a relationship—with someone else. Because even if they unpack all their charm and their art of persuasion, the zodiac signs rarely succeed in winning the people they have been assigned to their side. And let’s be honest: Homewreckers really aren’t welcome anywhere. So better take a step back and look elsewhere. There are definitely more potential partners in this world!


Sagittarians are born romantics. Unfortunately, their passion for dating gets in the way when the people they are targeting are in a happy relationship. That is why this zodiac sign falls into lovesickness just as quickly as it falls in love. And so it also happens that Sagittarians create their own dream world from time to time in which they are happy with the people they cannot reach.

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