These Zodiac Signs Always Doubt Themselves

Doubt Themselves

These Zodiac Signs Always Doubt Themselves

Self-confidence must also be learned. Because until you are at peace with yourself, it can take a lot of work. Especially for some zodiac signs. Because they doubt themselves all the time.

These three zodiac signs are plagued by self-doubt.


Libras always strive for harmony and cohesion. They want everyone to be okay, and when the mood turns, they immediately blame themselves. They often project the emotions of others onto themselves and are prone to self-doubt. Because they often link their own worth to the reactions of others.

Libras have so much to be proud of. It is therefore all the more important that Libras have people around them who can draw the spotlight on them and show them how valuable and good-natured they are.


As true perfectionists, Cancers are absolute self-doubters. Because they always want to do everything perfectly, to make everyone happy, and to create a good atmosphere everywhere. But that puts one thing above all for the crabs: a lot of pressure. Because as much as they long for perfection, they secretly doubt that they will ever achieve it.

This creates an enormous vicious circle for the crabs. Because every time they are not 100 percent satisfied with a project, a task, or a situation, they resolve to do better next time. So they put themselves under pressure again and at the same time doubt every step they take.


Pisces are very emotional and sensitive. They rely on a small but important circle of friends and for the rest of their lives they are more concerned with going the right way than the popular one. But the Pisces also tend to compare themselves with their environment and to observe exactly what the others have already achieved.

As a result, they often doubt themselves. Be it because they don’t have as many friends as others, haven’t found their dream job yet, or their apartment doesn’t always look like something out of a furniture catalog. With all the comparisons and doubts, Pisces quickly forget to appreciate the things they have and are really proud of.

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