These Three Zodiac Signs May Never Marry

Never Marry

These Three Zodiac Signs May Never Marry

Not everyone dreams of finding love and one day getting married. There are also people who have absolutely nothing to do with the concept of marriage. Be it because they don’t think much of it and want a happy partnership even without marriage, or because they may even be afraid of committing themselves. 

These three zodiac signs will therefore probably never marry.


Sagittarius is afraid of marriage because they don’t want to give up their freedom. In general, he is critical of relationships and strong commitments. Instead, he prefers to enjoy his independence and does not want to commit himself.


The twin is also skeptical about marriage. He thinks every marriage ends in divorce anyway, so why get married? This zodiac sign is very unromantic and unconventional. A relationship doesn’t need to be sealed with a signature to last.


Aquarius doesn’t believe in marriage either. He loves his independence and therefore does not even think about marriage. Marriage only scares him. Therefore, this zodiac sign will probably never step in front of the altar.

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