These Three Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Passive-aggressive


These Three Zodiac Signs Are Particularly Passive-aggressive

We all get frustrated at times and overreact at times. And most of the time, our frustration stems from the fact that problems are simply not being addressed and are piling up inside us. As a result, he discharges himself in small, snippy remarks. But some zodiac signs are considered particularly passive-aggressive according to their horoscope.

These zodiac signs often react passive-aggressively.


Cancerians like to discuss excessively. In doing so, he sometimes accuses his counterpart of things that didn’t really happen. He often embellishes the past with one or the other addition. Here, too, one or the other snippy comment is inevitable, which provokes his counterpart even more in addition to the added poems.


Virgos also know how to mess off their fellow human beings with passive-aggressive remarks. To do this, she first reaches into her little inciting box of tricks before she gets involved in an intensive confrontation. She does this because she doesn’t want to reveal immediately why she is so frustrated and what exactly bothers her.


The fish is moody. Sometimes he lives in his own dream world and therefore forgets the world around him. Nevertheless, he feels that anger is building up in him. But instead of addressing the problem, he turns that feeling against himself and doesn’t get to the bottom of it. This frustration then expresses itself in passive-aggressive statements.

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