These Are The Most Masculine And Most Feminine Zodiac Signs

These Are The Most Masculine And Most Feminine Zodiac Signs

Are you astrologically male? Or do you tend towards the female side? And what about your partner? Or the guy you’re dating right now? 

Many people are shocked to find that they are more feminine or masculine than they thought. But it doesn’t mean that you are actually a woman or a man. It only shows a tendency of their properties.

Male vs Female

It is necessary to understand the male and female zodiac signs. Basically, their differences lie in how both direct and focus their energy. Masculine signs possess an outward, active, and urgent nature. Whereas female signs have this inward, passive, pulling tendency.

Feminine signs process energy by absorbing and experiencing everything from within. This unconscious processing goes to the deepest, most original level. Words can hardly explain how this works internally.

Male signs, on the other hand, reflect their surrounding energy. Subconsciously they try very hard to protect themselves from incoming energy. Instead of absorbing all that overwhelming energy, her intellectual reactions push her away. Consequently, they use their unconscious reactions. They simply resist the energy and put up barriers to keep them from getting through.

Because of this, the female signs appear slower and calmer in demeanor. While the male zodiac signs appear faster and more restless. 

Here is the list of the most masculine and feminine zodiac signs:

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: Very masculine

There’s a reason these three top the list of the most masculine zodiac signs. Always focused on the finish line, they overcome all obstacles and distractions to achieve their goals, and sometimes even regardless of the losses.

They move forward fearlessly, regardless of the risks or implications that are at hand. Emotional baggage is the least of their problems. You want to see results.

You are direct and straightforward and expect the same from other people. That’s why they can’t do much with people who have to talk about their feelings for a long time. They are also completely clueless when it comes to gauging how other people feel about them.

Libra, Aquarius, Gemini: Rather masculine

The runners up to make the list of the most masculine zodiac signs are these three. Getting things done is more important to them than proceeding with caution. Sometimes they try to consider other people’s feelings. However, they rarely understand the depth of people’s emotions.

This is because they are uncomfortable with being emotionally involved or opening up. They are sometimes too factual and hasty. They speak often but rarely listen.

Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo: Rather feminine

These signs are not afraid to be soft. You have no qualms about enjoying the best things in life. For them, living in the moment is more important than stomping around angrily. They don’t understand why some people are always in a hurry, always after something.

These signs are very cautious when making important decisions. Especially when you know how serious the consequences are. They are fully aware of how they are feeling and the effect they are having on others around them. Considering other people’s feelings is her highest priority.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: Very feminine

Take a look at the list of the most to least masculine zodiac signs. These people are at the bottom and for good reason. You feel things deeply and empathize with others more than any other sign. Every person, every feeling, every situation means something to these zodiac signs.

If you belong to these zodiac signs, you always proceed cautiously. If you get even a subtle hint that something just doesn’t add up, you won’t push through. Your lines of communication are always open and you try to listen more than speak. You always consider other people’s feelings before making decisions.

Those who are astrologically feminine tend to live in the gray area. Wordless communication is common, as is reading between the lines. They often understand and even enjoy nuances.

This is how male and female signs defend each other

Getting closer to your goals is never easy. Therefore, we use strategies or techniques to strengthen and catapult ourselves forward. Feminine signs like their defensive strategies. While the male signs tend to lean towards more offensive strategies.

Since the female signs absorb energy, they are naturally more cautious. Regardless of the type of energies they encounter. Male signs, on the other hand, might just push them away.

The give and take

Feminine signs are more used to receiving than just receiving. This is how they want to be perceived by the outside world. They are not people who take what they want without considering other people’s thoughts and feelings. For them, it’s just inconsiderate.

In addition, female zodiac signs have this amazing ability to get what they want and need. And all without having to appear rushed, pushy, or engage in toxic behavior. They use their magical charm, grace, beauty, gentleness, and wit to get what they want.

On the other hand, male signs would take rather than receive. They can be so impatient that they think the world revolves around them. These signs will pull through, whether they appear clumsy or selfish. They don’t care about public opinion.

A perfect balance of the male and female zodiac signs can bring lasting peace and harmony into a person’s life. 


These Are The Most Masculine And Most Feminine Zodiac Signs

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