These 7 Couples Of The Zodiac Should Never Have Come Together

These 7 Couples Of The Zodiac Should Never Have Come Together

We are often curious which zodiac sign would suit ours and which one we could be happy with. The answer to this cannot be answered with certainty, even the best astrologers cannot.

Not every relationship is the same, even if the zodiac signs are similar. Every sign of the zodiac has its strengths and weaknesses and these can be like little cogwheels, either they mesh and fit together or they don’t.

Anyone who has ever been in a toxic relationship knows that looking at the zodiac sign can help us better understand this toxic relationship. If we take a closer look at the signs of the zodiac, we learn which people we shouldn’t have gotten together with. 

Here are the couples that should never have come together. 

Aries and Scorpio

People of these two zodiac signs are extremely passionate and can also be very aggressive. When these two zodiac signs (Aries and Scorpio) are in a relationship, then everything is extreme about it.

Passion, love, but also jealousy and control addiction. This combination is truly explosive and after such an experience will make both of you never get involved with this zodiac sign again. 

Libra and Pisces

At first, Libra appears to Pisces as the perfect partner for life, but in the course of the relationship, the person in the Pisces zodiac sign will recognize that Libra, with its indecisive nature, can be very toxic in everyday life. Which will be very troublesome for the sensitive fish.

Conversely, the Libra will get along well with the profound Pisces, but after a certain time the often too emotional side of the Pisces becomes simply too much for the person in the zodiac sign Libra. For this reason, these two will grow apart relatively quickly because they realize that this relationship would simply cost too much strength if it was continued.

Taurus and Aquarius

This pair of zodiac signs (Taurus and Aquarius) is heaven and hell at the same time. They actually have little in common, which is why it will be difficult for them to keep the peace long. To outsiders, it will appear as if these two are working against each other as working together.

The only reason why these two zodiac signs come together is the sheer curiosity of the two during the getting to know each other, but very quickly the two will hit the groundwork and have to come to terms with the fact that they should never have come together. 

Cancer and Sagittarius

These two Sagittarians have a distinctive trait that makes them clearly too different for a relationship, the Cancer is considered clingy while the Sagittarius is a free spirit who loves his freedom above all else.

The person in the zodiac sign Cancer constantly has the feeling of “not being good enough” which will really bother Sagittarius in the long run and will create distance between the two. Those born in the zodiac sign Sagittarius will no longer feel good and will perceive this relationship as toxic.

Taurus and Aries

Usually, these two zodiac signs have something in common, but Taurus is the introverted type while Aries is an extroverted being. This trait will contribute to the fact that these two will quarrel extremely often as their ways of life are very different from each other.

The Taurus loves to be at home and to lead a rather quiet life, which will not please Aries, because he likes to be around people and that will not go well for long. 

Gemini and Virgo

The advantage of these two zodiac signs is that they have a similar mindset and their way of thinking about life and many other things is as good as the same. And it is precisely this advantage that becomes a disadvantage in the relationship between the two of them.

It becomes very boring, they are too often in agreement and always have the same opinion. There is simply no certain little fire between the two of them, they seem like an old married couple from the start that everyday life has become routine.

Leo and Capricorn

These two zodiac signs are going to have a really stressful relationship. The Leo has a strong creative side, while the Capricorn can develop a really great imagination, that will be the reason that they will constantly try to outdo each other.

It will be a competition between the ego of Leo and the ambition of Capricorn. The initial phase will be how they trump each other to be the “better” partner, followed by the phase of big arguments that this relationship is unlikely to survive. 


These 7 Couples Of The Zodiac Should Never Have Come Together

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