These 6 pairs of zodiac signs combine a love-hate relationship

Some couples love each other, but they also feel like competitors. They don’t really dare to think of the way and think that the other one could cheat them. You can’t really do it with but somehow you can’t do it without each other. There are days when they don’t treat themselves and try to outdo each other. And then there are days when they miss each other and fall on top of each other, like a couple in love that hasn’t seen each other for days. 

Most outsiders don’t understand what’s going on, but these couples still can’t let each other go.

You can find out which 6 pairs of zodiac signs this strange hate love has in this post:


1. The Aquarius and the Taurus

The reason why you love each other:

Bulls quickly hit the ceiling and then usually want to head through the wall. Aquarius knows exactly how to talk to the bull so that it calms down and doesn’t destroy everything around it. 

The reason why you can’t stand yourself:

On the other hand, problems can quickly arise between the two if the Aquarian wants innovations and changes in his life again. Bulls need routine and dislike change. You’d rather stay with the good old and feel safe. That’s why the bull quickly gets nervous when the Aquarius makes another break.


2. The Gemini and the Virgo

The reason why you love each other:

This pair of zodiac signs is extremely different. On the one hand, this diversity makes it difficult for the couple. But somehow they also complement each other in some areas. The twin is a master of communication and the virgin is excellent at organizing and analyzing. This gives the conversations between the two a certain depth and influences the relationship in a positive way.

The reason why you can’t stand yourself:

The virgin is dependent on a regular rhythm in her everyday life. She wants the job and her love life, but also the relationships with her friends, to be structured. This is too unnatural and too rigid for the twin. He is known for his spontaneity and can throw his plans overboard at short notice. The virgin can’t cope with that. 


3. The Libra and the Cancer

The reason why you love each other:

This couple has one thing in common: they love romance. That is why these two zodiac signs can read romance novels for hours or listen to romantic songs. If the cancer is uncertain, it can turn to its scales, which will give it a new perspective.

The reason why you can’t stand yourself:

But you two also have some problems in your relationship. Because your free time planning doesn’t seem to be working properly. While the Libra prefers to sit in a smoky bar on weekends and hang out with friends, the crab prefers to sit on the couch at home and watch his favorite series. But secretly, the cancer would rather spend time with his partner. At some point this anger that slowly accumulates in him will burst out of him. 


4. The Leo and the Scorpion

The reason why you love each other:

You two are the perfect showcase couple. Outwardly, you seem totally in love and at the same time your best friends. You have the feeling that you don’t have to prove anything to both of you and you can show yourself as you really are. There are absolutely no masks in this regard. Everything is real!

The reason why you can’t stand yourself:

But your opposites sometimes doom you. The lion sometimes finds the scorpion too distant and cold. On the other hand, the scorpion thinks that the lion is a drama queen who has to be constantly in the spotlight and needs attention. Quite exhausting!


5. The Sagittarius and the Pisces

The reason why you love each other:

These two zodiac signs love to discover new things. The good thing is that the shooter has finally found someone who shares his passion for adventure. Although the fish usually finds their adventures in the world of their thoughts and the shooter prefers to dive into the outside world, both can ultimately share their experiences.

The reason why you can’t stand yourself:

If the fish doesn’t like one thing, it’s pressure! The shooter, on the other hand, was born to put pressure on others. He doesn’t mean it badly, but the fish takes the whole thing very badly, so there is always war between the two. 


6. The Capricorn and the Aries

The reason why you love each other:

Together you can achieve everything and no goal is set too high for you. You are a perfect team that complements each other and does things at twice the speed. The ram brings the energy and the capricorn the endurance.

The reason why you can’t stand yourself:

Aries don’t like rules, and for ibex, rules are part of a structured life. That is why these two zodiac signs quickly collide. The ibex feels like the ram’s guardian who has to take care of him so that he doesn’t do anything stupid.


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