These 5 Zodiac Signs Use Mind Games To Push Their Partner To Show Them, Love

These 5 Zodiac Signs Use Mind Games To Push Their Partner To Show Them, Love

Some zodiac signs just can’t help it. They have to keep playing their mind games with their partner. And there are different reasons for that.

Some of those reasons even make sense. Because as you probably know, each zodiac sign has an individual personality. When you look at these 5 zodiac signs, it makes perfect sense that they play mind games with their partners in their relationships.

For example, maybe you are or have been with a Sagittarius or a Pisces and realized that honesty is not really their priority. There are many reasons why some people in relationships play with their partner’s heart. One thing is certain: these games ensure that the partnership becomes dishonest and strained over time. 

Some try to keep the relationship exciting and interesting in this way. But in the long run, that can only go wrong. The constant lying, ignoring, or starting arguments just gets on your nerves at some point. 

Is this really the relationship you want?

No one really enjoys playing these games. Because it’s incredibly stressful for both sides if you can’t just be honest and open with each other. However, some zodiac signs can’t help it. They even need a little bit of drama in their relationship to start feeling attracted to their partner again.

The question is, wouldn’t you rather be honest about your feelings and build on them? Wouldn’t you rather have a partner who loves you just the way you are?

Of course, that’s easy to answer. But in reality, unfortunately, it is usually not that easy to change things. But maybe this post will help you by knowing what you’re getting into beforehand in the future. Here are the 5 zodiac signs who just can’t help themselves and use mind games to push their partner to show them their love

1. Gemini

Geminis are born to flirt. It also means they just can’t ever put it down. Even if they are in a committed relationship, they still flirt with other people behind their partner’s back. They tend not to see themselves as playing mind games, but they tend to have very volatile emotions. This quickly gives their partner the feeling that their heart is being played with. 

Also, Geminis see something lovable in almost everyone, so they can fall in love with others pretty quickly. Even if it’s not actually a real crush, they can suddenly have eyes for someone they completely forgot about the next day. Who is supposed to understand that? No wonder people might think that twins are absolute players!

2. Libra

You get up every morning for just one reason, and that’s love. You love being in relationships and you’re also not good at being alone. That’s why you quickly look for a new partner after a breakup. 

In your dream world, love is made of rainbows and hearts. There should be no disagreements and no points of contention. You always want to please others. That’s why you try to avoid tension in your partnerships. This is also a form of playing games with your partner. Because in truth, this behavior is causing more and more tension in your relationship. It’s imperative that you burst your dream bubble and tell the truth before it’s too late.

3. Scorpio

We all know that Scorpios have intense personalities. And that’s exactly how Scorpios behave in their relationships. They like it when the relationship is intense and hot. Unfortunately, Scorpios often confuse a passionate relationship with anger and freaking out. In this way, they hope to establish a deeper connection with their partner. 

Unfortunately none! Because being persuasive can be nice, but the intense way you try to resolve conflicts will only drive a wedge between you and your partner. Finally, open up and show your true feelings! This is what brings positive excitement and passion to your relationship.

4. Sagittarius

You expect a non-stop adventure from your relationship and want to keep growing with your partner. That’s why you quickly jump to the next partner when you can’t go on with one. Instead of really working on your relationship, you believe that everything has to happen on its own. 

You’re really just afraid of being controlled or restricted by your partner. Sagittarians need a lot of space, so they tend to play mind games with their partners to keep them at bay. They don’t stay in relationships that don’t fulfill them or in which they don’t have adventures. But instead of doing something for it themselves and working on the relationship, they simply let their partner fall.

5. Pisces

Pisces can give a lot of love, and most people who date Pisces appreciate that. Pisces want their partner to know this, so they show their love every now and then. You are addicted to romance and therefore make most decisions from the heart.

But Pisces are also known to change their minds on the fly and sometimes don’t seem to know what they really want. One day they’re totally in love and the next day they’ve changed their minds. This behavior affects the partner as if the fish were playing with him. If the Pisces isn’t careful, it will eventually miss the jump and lose the person it loves more than anything.


These 5 Zodiac Signs Use Mind Games To Push Their Partner To Show Them, Love


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