Known as the most open of all zodiac signs to phenomenal and ethereal things, Sagittarians easily abandon the ghost when the full moon arrives. It’s as if all of this freedom they are joining in suddenly becomes unbridled and loose like a goose. A Sagittarius can become weeping and emotional during the full moon, then once he has regained his vision, he will leave and plan something gigantic for the future. When the moon is full, you can expect those born in the latter part of the year to go particularly crazy – and by crazy, I mean without imagination, with can -be a little neurotic paranoia.


All it takes is a tiny cosmic push and these Libranian scales can tip over into wacky discord and imbalance. Those born under the sign of Libra are generally fairly stable people. They’re used to keeping it bottled, and even if they don’t like to suppress their feelings, they manage to be examples of stoicism and an easy-going attitude. sure, the Full Moon rises in the sky – then it’s time to let their Libra monster flag fly high. Being balanced takes energy, and when the attraction of the moon begins its work on a man or woman Libra, it’s as if the valves are opening for them. Expect tears, crazy ideas, sexy moments and a bit of self-hatred.


Here we go again, right after Sagittarius at the end of the year, you have all your Capricorn thinkers packed with no place to go. This is how the typical Capricorn is done during the full moon. Shine this lunar light on the world of Capricorn, and you get a bunch of exciting people ready to light the world on fire … except they can’t not really doing that, is it? And so, the full moon can inspire frustration in these types of sea goats. One good thing about Capricorns is that they can transfer frustration into creativity, and often they do it during the full moon. For creative types, especially writers, that’s when the good things happen for our Capricorn buddies.


Oh, you pretty things, you. Don’t you know that you drive your crazy moms and poppas? Aries, Aries, Aries. When we want to know how the full moon affects us, just put an Aries under a full moon and you have a recipe for an avalanche of emotions in its own right. Sexual paranoia is important to our rams, god of war. You don’t really know jealousy until you meet a particularly neurotic Aries under a full moon and you really taste what it’s like to want to pluck your flesh and run through the Moors as if you were the friend of the American Werewolf Aries in London.
Or, maybe it looks more like the American Weresheep in London. But Aries takes the cake when it comes to the madness of the full moon.


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