These 4 zodiac signs are extremely reserved

Some people are introverted , while others are more extroverted . That’s quite normal. However, certain character traits are particularly pronounced in some zodiac signs and some of them are particularly shy.

These zodiac signs in particular are extremely cautious.


Cancer is a very reserved zodiac sign because it loves to listen. Friends with problems always turn to him because he is the best listener in the entire circle of friends. He always keeps an overview, because he is an attentive observer and tries to be there for all of his friends.


Virgos often seem quite shy because they always toss every word in their head before they say anything. That’s why she always exudes a certain calm . Most of the time she only adds her mustard when she is 100 percent sure that she is right. Because with her perfectionism she doesn’t want to make a mistake at all.


Fish are very sensitive and therefore often withdrawn. They look for a certain harmony in every relationship and for this reason they tend to avoid conflicts. They too are very careful about what to say to other people, because they do not want to cause an argument under any circumstances.


Capricorns feel extremely comfortable in their familiar surroundings and are actually not shy at all. But when he meets new people, he suddenly becomes a shy deer . He must first get an overall picture of new people before he opens up completely. In this way, he seems very shy at first, but this disappears very quickly over time.

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