These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have Their Hearts Broken In December 2022

Hearts Broken In December 2022

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have Their Hearts Broken In December 2022

Let’s face the facts: one way or another, even the greatest love will see pain, whether it’s because of a breakup or just the fact that we don’t live forever.

Hearts are broken when we fall in love. We experience that heartbreak only at the moment when it’s destined to show itself.

This is not pessimism, it is reality. All loving relationships come with an invisible contract that says that at some point someone will feel heartache because of loss. 

While heartbreak is inevitable, we really want to avoid it at all costs. Just the thought fills us with fear.

Some of us know what is coming and we may want to deny it or just not accept it as reality, but reality will show. Hearts will break on that day, and we must be prepared for it.

These 3 zodiac signs will have their hearts broken in December 2022:

  1. Capricorn

You had such a great run that you worried it was going too well. You believed that you cannot trust the situation where something bad must happen soon.

Also, you’ve been waiting for something terrible to balance your luck – which unfortunately could happen right in December.

Still, don’t back down because, while what the month has in store for you may seem heartbreaking, it’s an asset. This point will surely bring into focus what is crucial for you.

It will remind you to appreciate what you have. And it will force you to change your pace and adjust your methods. You will experience heartbreak, but you will also get a fresh start that will significantly change your life.

You always do what you think is best for you, especially in your relationship, so it’s a real heartbreaker when you’re ignored. You’re just a very grounded and practical sign, and success and communication are super important to you.

Your serious, practical, and determined qualities are great at overcoming obstacles. However, when it comes to love, your partner will feel a lack of romance.

You might be angry with yourself that the relationship didn’t work out, but after a few weeks of deep reflection, you will start to get over it. 

  1. Taurus

You’ve been thinking a lot about getting older lately. The last few months have gone by so quickly and you’re still not exactly where you wanted to be. A certain goal that you set yourself a long time ago is still not achieved.

There’s a part of you that feels ashamed because you look like you’ve fallen short. There are probably people around you who are currently very successful and who seem to have made it even better than you. You feel like you should finally be able to keep up with them.

You have to have a little more understanding of yourself and you must not lose your perseverance.

There were days when you had trouble waking up and also days when you wondered why to keep trying when you never seem to be able to reach your desired goal.

Don’t give up now! Something will surely change this month and someone could break your heart. However, you might also get an unexpected opportunity that will undoubtedly bring you a great deal closer to your goal.

You may be receiving an invitation somewhere that could change your world if you choose to accept it.

You are known to be very protective and possessive. It is an absolute disaster for you not to be able to protect what is dear to you.

Sometimes you tend to hold on to a partner’s past hurts for too long, even after the dust has settled. Don’t break your own heart by stubbornly clinging to a past mistake. Time heals all wounds!

  1. Pisces

Whenever big drama happens, fish swim away without looking back. These delicate Pisces have deep feelings, even if they don’t often show them.

If you were born under this zodiac sign, you will experience a loss this month. Maybe you’re going through a breakup.

Maybe it’s like someone died. You probably want to move away from your hometown and that’s why you pushed your close circle of friends, and people, away from you.

You may also be fired from your job. Chances are you will lose touch with a loved one.

Maybe someone will break your heart this month. But this will surely be the time when you will feel real again after all the crap the world has been throwing at you lately.

This is going to be a particularly great time! A time when you can grin and laugh too and just forget how uncomfortable you’ve been feeling for the past few weeks. 

You will determine what will take you forward in life and you can make preparations for the future that will forever change your life.

You are heartbroken because you were probably very unrealistic when it came to your relationships. You wanted a fairy tale, a love story like in romance novels, or at least something that looks like it. Those rose-tinted glasses have held you up a little too long. 

Everyone will experience heartbreak at some point. But if you know what breaks your heart the most, you should make every effort to avoid it or find the best way to overcome it in the future. 

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