These 3 zodiac signs will be most influenced by the new moon on April 1st, 2022

These 3 zodiac signs will be most influenced by the new moon on April 1st, 2022

April’s new moon offers an opportunity to face our darker sides more productively. This time gives us the opportunity to plant seeds for new goals.

This new moon gives us all the energy of rebirth and spiritual rebirth, although it is particularly powerful for a few signs in the zodiac.

The energy can be really intense at this time. It can cause obsessions and obsessive behavior, relationship problems, and deep fears. However, the positive use of this energy works through all fears and anxieties.

As the New Moon offers us a chance for a fresh start, we must seize it by confronting the realms deep within ourselves. If you are one of the zodiac signs that are more influenced by the new moon than the others, you should be aware that it can have a major impact on you and your life. Prepare for an intense yet transformative lunar experience.


A practical earth sign, your inclination in relationships is to stay grounded and realistic. But with this deep New Moon, which emphasizes communication within partnerships, you have the opportunity to forge intimate bonds. These will reach deeper into the soul when you are willing to overcome the fear of vulnerability and put your true feelings on the table.

Your heart craves a deep and balanced connection with others, and when you avoid the urge to build a wall around your emotions, you can achieve a new level of reciprocity in your closest individual relationships.

You are very popular with everyone around you today because you exude a positive vibe and that inevitably attracts people. Choose to channel that energy into your goals so you can make steady progress. Don’t waste your time finding out what other people think of you. 

Your personal life is in for a speedy recovery, but don’t let that distract you from what is. Just enjoy the fact that others like to be with you right now and enjoy your newfound popularity.

You can also have a really good time with your partner. What you need to do is have an open discussion with him, make complaints, and listen to him in return. Give your relationship a chance to take it to the next level. Are you still looking for the one? Keep your eyes open! Something good is coming your way on this new moon!


This powerful New Moon gives you the opportunity to transform into a more authentic version of yourself. It can be intimidating to show the world your true nature, but work on shedding the outer layers of yourself under this New Moon so you become acquainted with the beauty that lies beneath.

You should know: Your power lies in your uniqueness. Make sure that you plan enough time for yourself in your everyday life and go within yourself to immerse yourself in your emotional world. Make sure your needs are met. You will find that these changes can take you on a new, productive journey meant for you.

A few unexpected developments are sure to occur in your life on this new moon. Don’t let anything spoil your mood and, above all, don’t succumb to negative influences, otherwise you will lose the emotional balance that you have worked so hard to build up all this time. be 

She assures that your actions and decisions are on the right track. Don’t worry about other people’s opinions, listen to your inner voice. You know best what you need and what you don’t. This will also help you to be more authentic.

You can expect peace and quiet at work during this time. Enjoy this time but don’t get complacent, especially when it comes to making decisions that could affect your future. Clear all issues while the moon is on your side and things will soon improve.


During this new moon, a tremendous flow of energy flows into your life. When you are able to embrace the power that resides in your own emotions, you can embark on an important new path in your career field. This could take you far in life and you can even achieve what you always dreamed of. Just hold on to that dream and keep imagining it.

This New Moon requires logic and common sense on your part to get the most out of its energy. No panic. Concentrate and focus on the task at hand. Commit to making a decision that can finally free you from what has been wearing you down so much.

You no longer need certain things in your life. And you will find that they even blocked you. Set a productive schedule and follow it to make sure everything goes according to plan. Rushing things is sure to hurt you and cause you to make mistakes that are almost impossible to recover from afterward.

Although this insanity prompts episodes of self-doubt and uncertainty about your next steps, the antidote actually lies within you. Excelling in life and being successful doesn’t mean completely isolating it from its emotions.

On the contrary, when you accept your feelings, you can control this public part of your life from a more authentic place. Work on using your weak spots as a source of energy and showing the world a more private side of yourself.


These 3 zodiac signs will be most influenced by the new moon on April 1st 2022

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