These 3 zodiac signs tend to divorce again

These 3 zodiac signs tend to divorce again 

For some people, marriage is an important part of life. For other people, it’s rather cheesy and unnecessary.

Marriage can be one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life. And the zodiac sign reveals a lot about the behavior of people and thus also about the duration of the marriage. As you probably guessed, compatibility is the biggest factor for a lasting marriage. Of course, some pairs of zodiac signs are simply not as compatible as others, which can logically lead to a quick divorce. 

However, there are 3 zodiac signs that tend to divorce more than others due to their personality. Find out which ones are!

1. Gemini

Twins are changeable signs, which means that they are known to change their minds, broaden their point of view and evolve. That is why they like to switch from one partner to the next. You are just very curious and always want to try new things. This is why it is not uncommon for a twin to end their relationship for someone new.

If you focus too much on pleasing others instead of focusing on what you need, you will have difficulty making decisions – including deciding who makes you happy. They are looking for the imagination or what they think is perfection. Twins are known to fall in love with someone who lives in another city or country, or maybe the person they love travels a lot. When someone is not there, they are perfect in their thoughts. But when that person becomes present, reality can end the relationship for twins.

To counteract these tendencies, twins need to examine closely what isn’t working in their relationship. Just because someone isn’t perfect doesn’t mean things can’t improve. Learn to express how you feel without sounding critical, dear twin. If you really love someone, you should be able to accept their rough edges. After all, you are not perfect yourself.

2. Sagittarius

Those born under this sign can be resourceful, intelligent, daring, brave, and energetic. Shooters are warm and generous people, driven by the insatiable need to go out into the world. They love to travel and experience adventures. But they can become stubborn and lazy at lightning speed – especially in their relationships. These are difficult characteristics that not everyone can live with. A partner who always does his own thing and sits lazily around at home? Many say No thanks! 

Thus, shooters rarely have a good basis for a romantic relationship. The concept of marriage simply doesn’t fit into their world. Protect don’t like the status quo and want change. You don’t want to be restricted by anything or anyone. The connection with a partner could, therefore, prove to be problematic. 

Sagittarians are very social and take care of others, but they are free spirits and are therefore difficult to commit to or bind themselves to. They are leaps and bounds – here today and there tomorrow. How is that supposed to work in a solid partnership where you have to rely on each other? For this reason, one of the partners could pull the ripcord at some point. Either the shooter realizes that he is too limited and misses his freedom, or the shooter’s partner wants more security and realizes that he is in the wrong place with the shooter. Only if the shooter finds a partner with whom he can balance this relationship between independence and responsibility will he be successful in his relationship. 

3. Aquarius

One reason why marriage to an Aquarius often fails is that Aquarians usually try to avoid the problems. They don’t like to discuss things, which is sometimes necessary for a partnership. Instead, watermen prefer to eat the problems themselves rather than address them openly.

An Aquarius has a big heart and doesn’t always have to be in a relationship to feel fulfilled. However, other people often take advantage of the type of Aquarius. Because they can easily fall in love with someone who is not suitable for them because their loving heart is above all for those who are desperately looking for love. It’s a great quality of Aquarius is with the right person, but it’s terrible quality if it’s with the wrong person. When Aquarius is looking for someone in need, the relationship can pull both partners extremely down so that they end up separating again.

To protect yourself from injuries, Aquarius must feel empowered so that he does not stray from his path for others. He can extend his loving hand, but if the other person doesn’t make an effort, he should go on. Relationships require the effort of two people to work on it together. Dear Aquarius, avoid continuing a relationship that is toxic, one-sided, or unrequited, even if you have already invested in this loved one.


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