These 3 Zodiac Signs Do Not Enter Into Relationships Out Of Fear

Relationships Out Of Fear

These 3 Zodiac Signs Do Not Enter Into Relationships Out Of Fear

For some people, the prospect of a relationship does not trigger joy, but fear. They can’t really let anyone get close to them, including the people they love. One of the reasons for their fears could be the traits of their zodiac sign.

These zodiac signs don’t often get involved in a relationship.


Gemini is one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac. He likes to talk to others and is always and everywhere with you. Spontaneity is his middle name – because he lives in a constant FOMO (fear of missing out). Therefore he is always ready. In a relationship, however, this can sometimes become a problem. Because with a second person and fixed date nights, spontaneity is not always that easy. This is why this zodiac sign is afraid of having to give up something of themselves when they commit to someone.


Libras are very sensitive people. Which is why one might think that she is a born relationship person. But her constant need to weigh everything up always throws a spanner in the works. Libras find it extremely difficult to make decisions. Because the fear of meeting the wrong person and having overlooked things inhibits the sign of the zodiac too much. When in doubt, she often decides against a relationship – she doesn’t want to face the unknown.


Sagittarius loves freedom and is always looking for adventure. He also likes to live out the adventures in his dating life. But Sagittarius finds that a relationship and his need for adventure just don’t mix. For fear of neglecting this trait and not being able to live up to it, he gives one rejection after the other. Even if he’s really in love. But maybe Sagittarius should look for love in the same zodiac sign.

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