These 3 zodiac signs are real heartbreakers

Yes, we all know: a broken heart hurts! It doesn’t matter how strong we are – rejection is somehow always painful! But is that why you give up love? No way! Being in love is just too beautiful. In order to protect you from (possible) wrong decisions, here are the zodiac signs that break hearts most often!

Be careful: if you fall in love with one of these three zodiac signs , there is a very high risk that your heart will be broken.


Cancers are known to break hearts. They don’t even make a big secret of it. Sometimes they purposely avoid serious relationships and explain it as a lack of time. Cancer wraps you around your finger at the speed of light. And he expects a lot from you too. He wants you to be 100 percent committed to him. If you don’t, he’ll say goodbye. Unfortunately, heartbreak is inevitable!


Virgo can break hearts in a very simple way. She minimizes the acquaintance and waits for the relationship itself to fall apart or for the other party to realize that they no longer want to be in that relationship. Zodiacal Virgos are only focused on themselves and ignore the other person, which can definitely be upset after a long time.


It is not easy to bind a Sagittarius to yourself. The free spirits are true adventurers and constantly want to see and experience new things. Monotonous relationships and long-term bonds can therefore after a while narrow the Sagittarius – should he not be with his own kind. As soon as he feels suffocated, the fire sign ends the partnership and sets off on the next adventure – no matter how badly he breaks his partner’s heart.

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