These 3 zodiac signs are pissed off extremely quickly

Dealing with criticism is not easy for anyone. However, some of us absolutely cannot cope with it and are extremely pissed off when someone gives them feedback.

In general, these three zodiac signs in particular are quickly offended if something does not go as they imagined.


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The scorpion extends its sting when something does not suit him or something does not go as he imagined. This zodiac sign gets really emotional and loud when it feels treated unfairly and lets everyone feel that too. Then the tatters can fly and it gets really loud. As soon as you try to calm him down, you only provoke him with. Patience is called for , because in the worst case scenario, he will only get angrier.


Anyone who dares to criticize the proud lion must expect attack. Because this zodiac sign doesn’t like to hear it when it has done something wrong. His huge ego just can’t stand criticism. That’s why he quickly gets grumpy and then becomes really selfish and arrogant. A good quality: as quickly as the lion is offended, so quickly he forgives again.

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Small things are enough to make fish pissed off. They are very emotional people who also take forever to come down again. They  sulk for an extremely long time  and rarely apologize to their counterpart. The motto is to wait – or just excuse yourself (yes, even if you are not to blame) before the whole thing ends in a drama.


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