These 3 zodiac signs are most likely to be sad during the holidays

Although the holiday season is known to be happy, it can also be stressful for many people. Sometimes the burden can be so heavy that it causes a multitude of emotions that cannot be contained. Certain signs of the zodiac are more likely to be sad during this period: Cancer, Leo and Pisces. They just can’t contain their feelings – and they shouldn’t either.

The pressure is almost inevitable for some during the holiday season, especially with the commercials that make you splurge, the big meals to prepare and the family members you haven’t seen all the time. year arriving at your home. This year’s holiday astrology will only fuel the fire for many, knowing that the Moon will be assisted alongside the Venus-Saturn-Pluto-South node in Capricorn. The icing on the cake will be Mercury, the planet of communication and the thought process and Mars crossing the Scorpion.

As the holidays approach, I want you to know that your tears do are never a burden. So if you find yourself among the most zodiac signs to be sad during the holidays, know that you are not alone. (I’m part of the aforementioned trio, so I can understand you.) Instead, try to focus only on the good things to come – like a fantastic dinner.

Cancer: They are nostalgic and really sentimental

Regardless of whether they’re in the middle of Christmas dinner or having a drink on New Years Eve, Cancers can always find reason to cry. Those born under this sign of cardinal water have lasting memories in their hearts, and they can access those memories and emotions when they want to, which means even the smallest thing can trigger them. 

The five senses are one of the most common triggers of nostalgia and Cancers know this all too well. If you know a Cancer who eventually collapses after having tasted the famous recipe for grandma’s Christmas log, it will be enough to pass a handkerchief to her.

Lion: They are really passionate and adorable

Lions are among the most dramatic of the zodiac, they are also very proud, which means that they are easily injured. 

So, if a family member jokingly tries to criticize them or remembers an old childhood memory that the Lion doesn’t like too much, get ready for a potential teardrop.

Pisces: They could party a little too much

The challenge with Pisces which are pure and heavenly in nature is that they have absolutely no limits. 

So, in the middle of a end-of-year meal, you could see a Pisces leaving to lock himself in the bathroom to call his love which is far away, and what was supposed to be a happy phone call for the holidays could turn into heartache out of nowhere.

Of course, things will not necessarily be as extreme. They might as well feel upset that they forgot to salt the main course of the Christmas meal.


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