These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Selfish And Ruthless When It Comes To A Breakup

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Selfish And Ruthless When It Comes To A Breakup

If you’re in a relationship with one of these zodiac signs, it’s best not to offend your partner. Because it could be very painful for you when you finally find out how cold he can really be.

Of course, separations are rarely harmonious and it is usually anything but pleasant to break up with your partner. It’s always a weird feeling when you go your separate ways after a while. For some people, this is an absolute nightmare and they would like to avoid it as much as possible. Because what is left behind is usually complete chaos of emotions, because you felt so much for this one person and cannot understand how life is supposed to go on alone.

But the worst thing is when you can’t even be nice to each other anymore. According to astrology, there are 3 zodiac signs that act extremely selfishly and recklessly when breaking up with their partner. They’re really breaking up with that forever, and they don’t even think about giving their ex-partner a second chance. 

You will find out which zodiac sign it is if you read on now!


When Aries realize what they want, they just do it and don’t look to see if others are doing well. It is in itself a good thing to take your feelings seriously and take care of your needs. But it can also get a little out of control. Because Aries has an extremely selfish attitude. It is really very important to him that he comes first in his life and that no one else has priority. Also, he tends to have one of the most determined personalities, which means he always stands by his own opinion. 

So if there should be a separation, then Aries will make his decision and will not let himself be changed. He will go through with this decision coldly and not look back on his partner or on the beautiful moments in the past. It is particularly important to him that he suffers as little as possible. That’s why he doesn’t even look at his ex-partner’s feelings. 

Breakups aren’t really his thing. An Aries will always try to avoid all that pain and run right out the door so they don’t have to deal with it. He probably doesn’t give a damn if there’s no farewell talk, even if his partner really wants it. If you’re an Aries yourself, keep this in mind: you have to make sacrifices sometimes. Sure, you absolutely hate being uncomfortable, but it really is a part of life. And you may owe it to your partner.


An Aquarius can often be self-absorbed. Aquarians also have a big problem: they can’t deal with other people’s emotions. While they are generally good listeners, they are so stubborn that once they’ve made up their minds, trying to change their minds can be pointless.

When you’re dating an Aquarius, it could be pretty painful should you ever break up for any reason. You might get the feeling that he never really loved you and that it was all just for show. Aquarius tends not to be bothered by emotional things and feelings, so they treat them as a completely everyday matter. It might feel like he’s canceling a cell phone contract and doesn’t understand why his partner is making such a big deal out of it.

As a partner, you will think that he has never felt for you because it is so emotionless and easy for him to let things go. In addition, Aquarians tend to blame others for their own mistakes. If you’re an Aquarius yourself, you should acknowledge that you’ve made mistakes yourself and have a little more understanding of your partner’s feelings and the pain of the breakup. Because not everyone is a block of ice like you.


Virgos are know-it-alls and perfectionists, so it’s no surprise that they can get incredibly conceited. They know they’re right most of the time, and they won’t hide it either. They want the world to know how brilliant, creative, and amazing they are. On the other hand, a Virgo can put herself down because she doesn’t think she’s perfect enough or doesn’t know everything.

So a breakup can be difficult for Virgo too, but she would never admit it. Because she’s too proud of that. At the beginning of a relationship, Virgos are generally very cautious and don’t manage to get involved with their counterpart quickly. It takes time to truly trust your partner. At the end of the relationship, Virgo regrets that she was wrong about her partner and therefore makes short work of it. Above all, she is angry with herself and retreats directly into her shell so as not to be hurt any further. 

Virgos are also very stubborn creatures and find it difficult to let go of things that they once set their minds to. That is why the Virgo will build a wall around herself so that no one can change her mind. It is then almost impossible for the partner to seek a clarifying conversation. If you belong to the zodiac sign Virgo, you should try to drop your guards a bit and listen to your partner. Sometimes things can be clarified with a conversation.


These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Selfish And Ruthless When It Comes To A Breakup

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