The Zodiac Signs With The Highest Emotional Intelligence

The zodiac signs with the highest emotional intelligence: sorted from those with the highest to those with the lowest emotional intelligence


Which is the most emotionally intelligent zodiac sign? Is that what you are looking for on google? Then you are on the right post! The zodiac signs are listed here from the highest to the lowest emotional intelligence. Find out where you are.

People with high emotional intelligence are in demand everywhere. Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, express, control, and evaluate your emotions, as well as to understand and respond to the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence also affects how you think and see the world.
A big part of emotional intelligence is recognizing your emotions and expressing them appropriately while being aware of your surroundings.
Understanding why your friend is frustrated or why your colleague is disappointed can help you take appropriate action to resolve the problem. When you are emotionally healthy, you can develop healthy relationships, gain job satisfaction, and become successful and happier.

Emotional intelligence is, therefore, essential quality and, according to some psychologists, even more, important than IQ.

Astrology influences our nature, personality traits, impulses, interests, etc. Do you want to know whether you were born under the most emotionally intelligent zodiac sign? Here is the list of the most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs, ranked from most to least.

1. Pisces

They are kind, generous, and powered by the power of intuition. You can process everything on a deeper and more intense level. They can feel your pain even if they haven’t experienced a situation similar to yours. Those born under this most emotionally intelligent zodiac sign are very considerate of people’s feelings and emotions. So they are always ready to help you, reports Indiatimes.

2. Cancer

People born under this second most intelligent zodiac sign are sensitive and tender, but thoughtful. They are deep thinkers so they carefully analyze and examine everything. They can seem like a tough nut to crack, but it’s easy to get upset or disappointed. But, they are emotionally healthy because they can hug their feelings, engage in self-care activities when they are nervous or anxious, and go back to normal mode.

3. Libra

You don’t take a step without critical thinking and deep analysis. They are balanced and careful when making decisions, be it in personal or professional life. You are a good observer and can read your body language very well. Without talking too much, they can understand other people’s needs and try to help them. This proves that Libra is an emotionally intelligent zodiac sign.

4. Gemini

They are resilient, emotionally strong, and great communicators. At times they cannot control their emotions. No matter if you are sad, angry or happy, it is reflected in your face. It is very difficult for Gemini to hide their feelings, which can make them vulnerable at times. One can understand their emotional intelligence through their speaking and listening skills. They are the best place to go when you need a shoulder to cry on.

5. Virgo

You are ambitious, detail-oriented and hardworking! Their practical intelligence helps them solve their problems easily, according to Thetalko. But, if you ever fail to get the results you want, you will fall into deep self-criticism. Hence, they are not at the top of the emotionally intelligent zodiac signs. Since you have mental clarity, you should keep walking until you find your goals. Their emotional intelligence is higher than their self-judging nature.

6. Scorpio

Scorpios live in a constant fear that humans will take advantage of their vulnerability. Her emotional intelligence shows in her efforts to get revenge on people who have hurt her. So they will use their emotions and their minds to haunt such people. They are not very healthy emotionally because they cannot let go of the past.

7. Capricorn

They are logical and practical! You care about people and try to lead them in the best possible direction. They will lose patience and leave if you ignore their suggestions. You won’t find them wasting their time on emotions. So you are on the rocket of the emotional intelligence scale.

8. Taurus

Those born under this zodiac sign are good at hiding feelings and solving problems. Taurus can help others even if they cannot put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Well, that quality robs them of their emotional intelligence.

They are critical and require attention before making a decision. If you don’t pay attention to what they say, the Taurus people will leave you alone. And when they go down an emotional roller coaster, they’ll share it with people they trust, according to Pinkvilla.

9. Leo

They are selfish and self-centered, but emotional in situations where they really care about someone. Overconfidence is the main cause of their downfall. They are bad at processing their feelings, strengths, and weaknesses, which suggests that Leo is an emotionally not that intelligent zodiac sign.

10. Sagittarius

They are loners, live at their own pace, and are bad at processing their feelings. You cannot recognize the feelings of others. It is difficult for them to empathize with others. Hence, their emotional intelligence is low.

11. Aries

This is a very bad zodiac sign for emotional intelligence. Aries people don’t think before reaching a conclusion or making a decision. They are emotionally distant and not supportive of what hurts their loved one. They don’t think twice before blaming or criticizing others. They can be happy at the expense of others, which means they are not emotionally intelligent.

12. Aquarius

This is the emotionally least intelligent zodiac sign for it. They seem to have trust issues so that they cannot attach themselves to anyone on an emotional level. They live happily in their own imaginary world. They are poor choices for deep conversations. They are most peaceful when they are not socializing. And would rather bungee jump than express their feelings.

Were you born under the most emotionally intelligent zodiac sign?


The Zodiac Signs With The Highest Emotional Intelligence

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