The Zodiac Signs That Make Good Husbands Ranked From Best To Worst

Every woman out there wants a good husband; someone who she loves, she supported and it appreciates . Unfortunately, ends not each order , a good husband to be, or ? Some men make good partners, while others it is not so much are .

Interestingly, the world of astrology and zodiac signs can provide a lot of information about what kind of husband you will be based on your sign. Some zodiac signs turn out to be “Husband of the Year,” while certain signs do not do well when it comes to being a good husband.

Here are zodiac signs that make good husbands, ranked from best to worst


Cancers are the absolute best. Their greatest strength is the absolute courage they show in the bond. Your bond is strong; once it latches on, it will do so for a lifetime. They do not take lying for granted and thus they essentially make honest husbands. Thanks to their sensitive nature, they never shy away from being in love with someone. They feel so intensely for their partners that they are not afraid that the flame will burn out.

They’ll get a whack, but rest assured that their arguments are more about that one friend one of them hates, rather than about being unfaithful.

Loyalty is their strength and they draw a lot of energy from it. A Cancer man wants to build a house with you and start a family with you. The big picture is also important to them.

PS You MAY get silly, but that’s mostly just cute.


Libra are obsessed with love. They can be indecisive and hesitant, but once they do they do like Chinese cranes; for life. They are always there when they are. Their emotions rarely waver and they bring beauty and balance to a relationship. They also make amazing parents thanks to their ability to be level-headed in all situations. They will be the rock and staff that you have always prayed for; stable and inspiring.

And in the intensity of passion, only Cancers can take on the scales: These two signs will love you “until they drop”.


Scorpios are characterized by their intense jealousy, intense passions, and dark sense of humor. This is what makes them the first choice as a partner for life. Because at the opposite end of their jealousy spectrum is their ability to be loyal. Once the Scorpio holds on, it holds on. You will be highly protective, supportive, and selfless on another level; something that makes them competitive, to be honest.

Scorpios will kill for you. If someone says even one word against you, they will sting them. The intensity of a Cancer dream can only be achieved by them, and it is true, they are not for everyone: but for those who are they, they are perfect forever.


They are wrongly condemned as duplicitous Jani. In all honesty, her greatest weakness is her strength: the need for a partner.

When you are with someone you respect and love, they are yours. They are essentially grounded people who strive to make up for their weaknesses. They mix best with people who are either inspirational to them or who think clearer and are less emotional than them.

A twin partner is like the absolute best friend you you want can and one of the most passionate , creative , loyal , you ever in life who will .


If you’re into the whole emotional and creative type, Pisces is for you. They are never aggressive and overbearing (they are goldfish if need be. Never piranhas) and they will be obsessed with you once they fall in love with you.

They are the kind that will listen to you when you can’t decide which color of turn off curtains to buy. They are also the non-parasitic “live and let live” type, so win-win.


It should still be real, it says on the ram. They are some of the most cooperative people you will find. They are the typical tough husbands who will be your support and solid rock when you need them. They will also be your voice of reason and control your impulses.

They can be a bit stubborn (Aries, huh), but in the end they make good communicators who listen even if they disagree.


Virgos are not that trusting and open and are often afraid to “commit” or “settle down”.

Furthermore, their obsessive-compulsive thinking can sometimes get the better of them, and they don’t always know how to separate what is going on in their thoughts from what is going on in their relationships; that is reality and delusion.

Virgos have about half the success rate in terms of a civil partnership. If they are even 90% involved, it will be a big problem in the long run because they are not a guarantee, but a wild ride in the meantime.


If you are sane, you might not want to. They are indecisive and more than often mean and arrogant. They think they are the universe. When things go well, it’s like any other relationship, but when things go bad, it’s really bad.

They like to emphasize their individuality, want their voice to be heard and like to be right about things even when they are wrong. These characters, when in the wrong relationship, can really cause quite a stir, and the conflicts can get really bad.

They’re some of the worst you can meet because they’re basically very, very stubborn people who think there’s only one side to an argument: theirs. Without glossing over it, but an Aries in a relationship is almost certainly a ruined relationship.


This is a tricky case. Leos are among the most committed and committed people at all. They feel very strongly and are also strong in their expression. They are also very supportive and encouraging.

Why did I rate them low?

Because they have a particular tendency to be angry and arrogant. Now Leos are again very gentle signs and are generally very pleasant people: but sometimes, just sometimes, they tend to go a little over the top in quarrels.

Most of the time, however, they are pleasant and communicative and also try to prevent any possibility of solving the crisis.

They are like a damn stubborn bull. You are loyal, yes; loving, yes; but they have unnaturally high demands on everything and refuse to deviate from them. If you want to build a long-lasting intimate relationship, this is not something you would want.


They are so committed to their work and their careers that they will be completely engrossed by it. More than often, your obsession with it will inevitably take its toll on a relationship.

Your priorities are not sorted.


Commitment is something that is not their forte. They are the Joey Tribbianis of the zodiac sign and they always want more new things and new adventures in life. While they want a long-lasting intimate relationship, they should be at the end of the barrel. Plus, they are the type of saying that if they hurt you, they will feel bad, but they won’t do anything to improve the situation.


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