The Zodiac Sign That Will Never Be Compatible With You

The Zodiac Sign That Will Never Be Compatible With You

Perhaps true love for you is written in the stars, but some stars are not meant to be in your galaxy.

Because even if the attraction is very strong, the compatibility is what makes a relationship permanent.

Because shared values, goals, understanding, and equal respect go beyond any kind of superficial attraction.

Sometimes in our life, we ​​meet people to whom we are attracted, but with whom we cannot possibly lead a life together because of their personalities.

This personality, as well as their desires, are also based heavily on their zodiac sign, but also on other aspects in their natal chart, along with the life they have lived and the things they have experienced.

Therefore you will find again and again that the same zodiac signs behave very differently in certain aspects.

But at the core, they are the same which determines which person they could have a wonderful life with.

So if we let ourselves be guided by astrology and believe in the stars, we will be able to find the one who will also shine the brightest in our lives.

1. Aries

If you are a charming and passionate Aries then trying to date a Cancer or Pisces will ruin your life.

These two zodiac signs are very unreliable in their own way and make you feel like your efforts are in vain.

While they may desire you for your strength and individuality, they will also feel that they are lacking in many things and will even become jealous of you.

Your ideal partner is also someone who is in no way expressive or extraordinary, i.e. an ordinary and simple person, which Aries is not.

The reason for this is also their need for peaceful family life, and we all know very well that Aries only want to get married if it is really worth it, because they have a great life alone.

Both Pisces and Cancer are also far too sensitive and closed for Aries, who will soon be bored with their old soul and unpredictable emotional states.

2. Taurus

The worst possible combination for Taurus would be Scorpio or Sagittarius, and many who know their temperament would agree with that.

Since Taurus is a selfless giver, lover, and hedonist and they like to enjoy life without any kind of stress and negativity.

So, while they would agree with Scorpio and Sagittarius when it comes to passion, their emotional needs would never be met.

Since Sagittarius creates drama, criticizes and Scorpio would be tired of their needy and demanding behavior.

Both zodiac signs are too strong for them and absolutely raw compared to their stable, yet sensitive nature.

For her, someone who is both forgiving and gentle would be better suited even if he doesn’t make things so exciting for them.

3. Gemini

Scorpios are the worst match for Gemini, as is Taurus.

Where they might be attracted to them at first sight, but repelled by their unreasonable and insane tendencies.

Since Gemini can indeed be entertaining, funny, and talkative, but they are never crazy or weird and both Taurus and Scorpio can become that way.

Nor are their needy and possessive tendencies something that they can handle and are unwilling to tolerate.

You simply cannot provide them with the deep connection they crave, and neither will they be able to grant them every need.

Either their relationship is mature and balanced, or they don’t want it because that wouldn’t help them grow and progress.

4. Cancer

While Cancers are a watermark, their life would likely be hell with an Aries or Scorpio.

Mainly because Scorpios are passive-aggressive and would take absolute control over their easily influenced personality.

While Aries love to have a partner and a whipping boy at the same time, which no one would tolerate with dignity.

Cancer also has a tendency to endure quite a lot for the sake of love, and this type of mental and emotional abuse will not do any good in their simple and peaceful life.

They’re also very family-oriented, and Aries and Scorpio usually take a long time before deciding to give up their freedom.

Both are definitely too dominant for cancer and should get together and leave poor cancer alone.

5. Leo

The most terrifying combination for a Leo would be a Capricorn or a Pisces.

Especially Pisces because they would only be able to give them the emotional support they need without respect and trustworthiness.

Because Pisces can easily go from victim to toxic partner when they enter into a romantic relationship with a Fire sign.

Capricorns, on the other hand, are far too greedy and uninteresting for the progressive and exciting Lions.

These are people who achieve something, but at the same time keep trying something new and interesting.

Therefore, either a limited or sluggish partner would not do them any good.

6. Virgo

One of the worst possible partners for Virgos is Gemini and Aquarius.

Because the wonderfully modest, somewhat perfectionist, but wonderfully sensible traits of the Virgo do not really match these two temperaments.

Aquarius is far too unreliable and devious for Virgo, while Gemini would not like to be told what to do.

In character, the Gemini is far too mature and confident to be influenced by, and the Aquarians won’t even bother to fit into their idea of ​​the ideal partner.

So both cannot offer the stability and emotional security that Virgo seeks, and they would never be able to make her happy in the long run.

So, because this zodiac sign is very traditional and selfless, they need someone who can offer them the same support, and Gemini and Aquarius most certainly cannot.

7. Libra

Libra can get along with almost any sign, it’s up to them to accept them.

Where only Virgo would have a pretty difficult time trying to connect with them.

The Virgo, in all her maturity and meekness, cannot endure a person who needs constant attention.

Nor would they accept their fondness for a posh lifestyle that does not involve family.

Because they are humble and their life is simple in ways that Libra does not impress.

Therefore, no matter how great the attraction maybe, they could never be happy together.

8. Scorpio

The zodiac sign Scorpio would pair terribly with a Leo or Capricorn.

Mainly because the Capricorn is too strict, traditional, and greedy for their sin-loving nature.

Whereby Scorpios, even if they are the most decent personality, still has a spark of craziness and raw passion in them that they want to let go of.

What they cannot do with a Capricorn, at least not without a price.

On the other hand, the amazing and passionate Leo will be put off by their nature and secrecy.

Since they share much of their own hidden aspects themselves, a Scorpio would never be a good match for either.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius would not be able to enjoy life with both Libra and Aquarius.

Libra is far too indecisive and sometimes even arrogant, which doesn’t get along well with the down-to-earth and cool Sagittarius.

On the other hand, they are absolutely uninterested in the extreme changes an Aquarius goes through.

Even if they are free-spirited themselves, there are also times when they need certain stability.

The organization is one of their virtues too, and Aquarius’ sloppy and last-minute decisions drive them crazy.

So both indecision and impulsiveness are more likely something that Aries would enjoy, but not Sagittarius they need at least some stability.

10. Capricorn

Capricorn could never go together with an Aries, but also with a Gemini.

Especially Aries, since they don’t like being told what to do and despise a life full of rules and rigor.

What they both really want is success too, but in different ways.

Aries wants an inheritance but at the same time wants to experience life, while Capricorn wants a fortune but at the price of not having a life.

Therefore, this connection could never work, and it would appear that Capricorn is trying to re-educate Aries on how to live their life.

Otherwise, Gemini is not impressed by their unwillingness to bond when things aren’t perfect, but also by their lack of the attention they need to feel loved.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius is a zodiac sign whose preference really depends only on instinct.

So they are not even sure who they will end up connecting with.

However, since they are very free-spirited and constantly changing, a Scorpio could prevent them from living the life to which they are used.

The Scorpio will want to claim and control them and try to prevent others from stealing what belongs to them.

In doing so, they are unaware that Aquarius does not belong to anyone but themselves.

Because of this, any connection between them is unlikely to work, as both could end up ruining each other.

12. Pisces

One of the worst combinations for Pisces would be Libra or Leo as they in no way match their sensitivity.

The fish are dreamy, sensitive, but also easily intimidated and insecure in many ways.

So you really need someone who doesn’t make you doubt yourself and the whole relationship.

Libra and Leos, on the other hand, are all extroverted and dominant, and this can make Pisces feel less worthy and become suspicious.

Because both Libra and Leo love attention and a large circle of people around them, who revere them at every turn.

Pisces don’t need people like that, and they’d rather have one person they can trust and accept than a whole group that is only there when things are going well.



The Zodiac Sign That Will Never Be Compatible With You

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