The Worst Part Of Being Your Friend According To Your Sign

As friends we all have a lot to offer, although some signs give more value to friendship than others. But what it is about now is to know the worst part of being your friend according to your sign . Your darker side in the plane of friendship. That which you do frequently and your friends don’t like so much. And that will surely be a drop in the ocean of all the good that you do offer when it comes to friendship.


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Be a friend of yours, Aries, It has many advantages. For your inexhaustible energy to listen to problems, to organize plans and to give rational and very simple advice. The dark side of being your friend is how inconsistent or inconsistent you can be. When you pick up the phone with all your energy, it is a pleasure to listen to you because you enliven anyone’s day with your positivity. But there are times when you neither pick up the phone, nor answer the messages or anything at all. Or you are but you are not mentally, you remain but you are distracted and transmit apathy and bad mood. And anyone blames you, because you jump like a flea. So it is not easy to know when you can be counted on or when it bothers you. And who does dare to scold you, gets a bit of a bang and sometimes the only thing that gets you is back off more and your pride dominates the situation.


Taurus, you are that close friend whose company is sought whenever affection, protection, listening, good advice, sharing a good meal and a better after-dinner talking about everything a little is needed. The problem is that this stops from time to time is fine, but when you are looking to stay continuously, it gets tired. You turn friendship into a refuge in your routine life, and you continually seek your friends to bring something new into your days, but to remain comfortable. If the plan is going to be doing extreme sports or doing kilometers to go to eat somewhere, you twist the gesture. But for what you like, you love them all the time, you become absorbent, very sticky. And the worst thing is that you do not propose anything, you just call and ask, what do we do today? And they feel that you do not leave them space for your friendship to be freer and the most desired appointments.


Gemini, having the amount of friends you have must be for something. Something good, of course. Some may not like you well and come to you looking for something, but the vast majority will surely have a huge list of good things to say about you. What if the question was that they write what is the worst part of being your friend? Well, surely many would agree on how informal you can be when it comes to meeting. Because you go crazy, not knowing if you can but you stay, you make the other person reserve the day, and then you cancel. Because you realize that you had another plan, or worse, because you have come up with another plan that you want more. And it doesn’t hurt clothes to fail that friend, thinking that nothing is wrong, that they will have done it to you too sometime, that there are more days to stay … Anyway, you give yourself excuses.


You Cancer In friendship you are ideal because of that facet of yours with which you take care of your friends as if they were your family. You welcome them with your affection in your arms, you gladly welcome them into your home, you lend them to your family so that they love them too, you cook them and listen to them for hours when they need it. Almost perfect, because this whole rosy world in terms of friendship also has a dark side: and that is that all this has to be in your territory. You like your house, or your neighborhood… and to see you, you demand that it be close, because you don’t want to move far, you feel lazy. And of course, what you convey is that friendship makes you lazy, as if you are a friend but if they are going to see you, and if there are kilometers to go, things change. So it’s easy for you to fail them at birthday parties, a group reunion, or a weekend getaway. You give the excuse and you stay so calm. As you always give, they do not bother you when you fail them in something.


The worst part about being your friend, Leo It’s how competitive you can be. You don’t like that no one overshadows you, or that they are brighter than you, or that they have better plans for the whole group than you. You get the ego and your most vain side, and since they also do not get things done the way you want, you get some rebounds that you do not see. Anyway, since your friends know you, they already know how to treat you, and the result is that you are never short of very good friends because you give a lot as a friend. What some of them do not forgive you, no matter how much they know you and know that you are like that, is that you do not be happy for him when he has succeeded with a job, or has a spectacular partner, or has bought something that you wanted to have. you. There you get an insane envy and you can’t help being upset, instead of separating your life from his, being objective and being happy for him.


In your group of friends, you, Virgo, like to have a certain leadership, although it is never noticed or manifested in that sense. But you see yourself with enough capacity to take command, because of your intelligence, because you are tempered of character and because you are always there to help everyone, in whatever way. And you have some reason, because without being the most partying, or trying to impose yourself, everyone always counts on you for everything and your opinions are highly valued. The dark side of that friendship, however, is that you always want things to be done your way, and that in a group, ends up causing problems (a situation that is exacerbated by how stubborn you are). If it is with a friend, you can impose yourself more easily and they will let you do it, but already in a group is when tensions arise. You get tired with your arguments. And everyone gets tired of making you understand one thing or another. And without persisting, you will end up hearing them accuse you of something that you surely do not like: that you never compromise. Take note.


Libra, you are that perfect friend for many situations. You are always willing to listen, you do not judge, you can be counted on to go shopping, to an exhibition or to a party. You can even be taken to family gatherings because everyone likes you and you are always there. And that is the problem, that you are always too friendly, always too approachable, you always agree … and you can be somewhat boring. Sometimes it even bothers you that you open up very little, as if it was easier for you to talk about others or other friends than about yourself. And in some moments when you have to get wet with an opinion, as you do not like to take sides and decide on something or someone, your friendship is weak and inconsistent. Because it seems that everything does not matter to you. And you know that it is not, but you do not know how to prove it.


Scorpio, you love your friends to death, they are part of that closed circle of people in your life for whom you could kill if necessary. You take care, protect and defend them so that they are well. The worst part of being your friend is that part of you that you don’t show them (well it happens a bit with your family and even with your partner). It is that very affection part of you that you never want to show, that you hide as a secret, but because you do not want to show what happens to you or what you feel deep inside you. So, when there are times when you have to talk about affectionist and confidences, it always ends up creating a tension with you: because it shows too much that you leave things inside, and because you end up getting angry if you notice that you are being pressured to open up. plus. And when you get angry, burn and explode,


Being a friend of yours, Sagittarius, is a pleasure, as long as you master the type of friendship that must exist between the two of you. It marks the times, the places, and almost the topic of conversation. Genius and figure. And the truth is that almost no friend complains to you. It must be because you impose yourself but in return you are generous with your friends, fun, you like having them in your plans, you are delighted to show them your favorite places or to take them with you on some getaways. So what is the worst part of being your friend? Well, when you have different opinions. Then you take out your arsenal of stubbornness and arrogance and you have to be agreed yes or yes. First you will want to convince, getting a little upset and showing yourself a little haughty, and believing you are in possession of the universal truth. But it is that when you see that there is no way, You start attacking in a personal way, you go for everything and it shows. You don’t like to give in, you want to win and you don’t skimp on pulling out all your weapons for it. And weapons usually kill.


To be your friend, Capricorn, is to have heaven and hell in one whole. Heaven because you are loyal, formal to stay, and if you are needed you are. And if you can’t go on a date, give early notice and apologize. On the other side of the scale, your honesty becomes a double-edged sword and you are capable of hurting that friend by telling him truths like fists (and for his sake), but with such coldness, that if your friend is a bit of a downturn is that you sink completely. Actually, you practice this way of being with friends but also with your family, with co-workers and with your partner, of course. Asking you for advice is to be very brave, because as there is a loophole that admits a criticism, you cling to that failure and release what is not written through your mouth. So that your opinion is very clear. What’s more, You don’t even think about letting it go, nor do you have conscience problems afterwards. It’s what you think, period. And the funny thing is that everything you say is true, but of course, being a little less harsh wouldn’t cost you that much either.


Aquarius is the friend of his friends, always ideal in friendship, and “until death do us part”, as that movie said. Except that sometimes laziness can get you, right, Aquarius? And you can go days and days, weeks and even months without seeing a good friend. You may make a call, but it’s not like you dial his phone number a lot. As an excuse you have several. It is true that your day to day consumes you, that you do not stop much, that you work a lot … and so it is easy to end up thinking that those friends are always there and that you do not have to see or talk every day. To calm your conscience you think that if they call you, you will be there. But Aquarius, you know not, you know you are not right. Recognize that you are lazy in the way you cultivate friendships, that you care more about doing your things, and that you spend a bit of your friends at times. And what is more serious: that you always expect the other person to pass. The height of comfort.


Being a friend of yours, Pisces, is to enjoy being a kind person almost always, willing to listen, loving when necessary and very funny when you have a bright day with ideas or jokes. The worst part of being your friend is how busy you are always. You almost have to book an appointment on the agenda to be able to have a coffee with you. And the funny thing is that from what you count, it seems that you always do well at work, so it is not understood that you move so much, that you have so much to do, that you are overwhelmed and that you hardly ever have time for your friends. With the aggravating circumstance that you do not say it directly, but rather you linger and maintain certain expectations and make any friend wait, pending your appointment. For at the end, very at the end, to say that you cannot stay. Very bad.


The Worst Part Of Being Your Friend According To Your Sign

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