The Worst Flaw Of Your Zodiac Sign

The Worst Flaw Of Your Zodiac Sign

In the zodiac list, nobody is perfect, no matter how hard they try to hide that everything in their personality is sweetness, there are certain traits that make even those who love them the most not tolerate them. It is the worst defect of your sign. That is, you strive to give the best of yourself to the other person and you end up betraying your bad side. Although, it is preferable to show yourself transparency than to pretend to be someone you are not. You know what they say, your imperfections are ideal for the right heart.


Let’s see, it is impossible to cover the sun with a finger. No one doubts that you catch people with your brave soul, inspire, and at the same time earn the admiration of those around you. However, you can fall into the exaggerated, when your dominant and aggressive sides come together you become a stone in the shoe. That may be the worst of your flaws, you are not patient, and when your mind makes up a lot of stories you let yourself go until you end up regretting it the next day. You don’t stay silent, in discussions you take the trophy, but… Aries, lower your arrogance a little because there are those who don’t deserve such a cruel version of you.


It is clear that your perseverance enchants, you are not the type of person who is used to having life resolved, on the contrary, working for you has never been an obstacle. However, you are very stubborn and it may be the reason why your days turn into chaos. You love to fight for what you want, you like expensive life and you know that you have everything to shine, but… Taurus, that does not give you the right to put the other down. Usually, you always help, but when you get too intense you tend to say hurtful things that don’t get forgotten overnight. Much less if you are in a bad mood, perhaps it is the worst of you, because in those moments you do not know what mercy is.


You like things head-on, you are not one of those who turn an issue around and when you feel that the other person no longer shares your same vibe, you know that it is time to say goodbye, even if it means living a duel. Let’s see, it’s not that you don’t suffer, but you prefer to be faithful to what your heart tells you than to stay next to someone who no longer brightens your day. People often describe you as detached, because your charming personality never goes away, even in the worst of times. Perhaps that is the worst of your flaws, that you don’t get hooked and lose the desire to have everything with that person. You easily turn the page and the other one breaks into pieces. Sounds tough, doesn’t it?


You are a magical being, you have the ability to make people fall in love with the way you laugh, the good times you share, those deep stories, and how much you like to be heard. For you, emotions are not a game, except the pain of others, you have no problem sticking your hands in the fire for the people you love. However, behind your sensitivity hides a Cancer that few talk about. There are times when your emotions are overflowing, so much so that even you don’t understand yourself and all you want is for people to stay away. Your mood swings are the worst of your flaws you need to be with someone mature so they don’t take it personally or you’ll end up living in uncertainty. You’re going to wonder all the time if he loves you or not, is it worth being with someone who doesn’t understand that part of you?


You are definitely not the kind of sign that allows people to control their minds and feelings. You have set yourself the goal of making your presence valued and that has led you to be too strict with yourself. Leo, why are you so desperate? Others are not always going to accept you and that’s okay. The important thing is that you don’t stop being you and that you don’t lose the smile on your face, because, in the end, this is not a competition. You are full of qualities, but you have to understand that there are people who want to be by your side in a good way and your attitude drives them away. That is the worst of your defects when your ego takes the role of protagonist and brings out the bad in you. Please, go back inside, you are much more than having first place in everything.


Too much and too much, have you realized that word is your shadow? All the time you are seeing what to do in this and that. However, the bad thing is that you don’t enjoy it, because you are a perfectionist and you don’t accept when things don’t go your way. Virgo, read well, you are allowed to make mistakes, it happens to all of us. The worst of your flaws is that you become very unpleasant when you don’t get what you want and it’s very sad that you don’t give valuable people a chance to support you. Who are you punishing? Your feelings are important, but also those of the rest. Don’t be so aggressive, when you lose control you say very bad things because what matters to you is winning. It’s not worth it.


You are not going to pretend, you have a side that is lost in appearances. For someone to catch your attention, they need to steal your gaze because of their attractiveness and then you immerse yourself in their essence. I’m not just talking about the physical, you like people to have that unparalleled brightness, that they are not afraid to say what they feel and that they listen to their hearts when making a decision. However, that does not mean that you do not have sweetness in your spirit, on the contrary, a part of you naively trusts that you can save the other and that is when you get into a tremendous problem because you realize that it is not possible that people behave as you expect. That is your biggest flaw, your kindness falls into the toxic, especially because many tend to take advantage of it. 


You have never liked to pretend that in your character there are no tremendous ups and downs. When you don’t like something, you say it openly, you don’t care if you only stay with a few people, you prefer to surround yourself with hypocritical people. The bad thing is that many times you can become too intense. Let’s say that when your dark side takes control you become the most demanding in the whole world and if someone hurts you it gets worse. An injured Scorpio is capable of horrific revenge and no remorse. You really hold on to things being just the way you say. That is your worst defect, when you turn on the resentment button, years can pass and you will not smile again at someone who hurt you, even if they say that it has changed.


It is very obvious that your intellectual capacity exceeds that of many. You know that when you intend to beat the other in an argument, no one stops you. However, woe to that person who takes your competitive side lightly, because you are not one of those who sit idly by. Honesty can be your worst flaw because if you don’t stay calm it turns into cruelty. Usually, that’s what gets you into one problem after another. Also, you have the ability to separate your emotions. If you focus on a goal you tend to be very cold, you don’t care if they beg you on their knees, crying doesn’t move you. On the one hand, it’s fine, because there are people who deserve it, but others don’t.


Breathe Capricorn! That is what you need, not only your emotions ask for it, but also your body. You are tired of always trying to beat the clock and it is not worth it, because you get too stressed about everything and without realizing it they end up paying the just for sinners. It is not worth unloading your problems on people who do love you well. When you are with your partner, friends, or family, they deserve the best of you, not the Capricorn who is dealing with a lot of pending and who does not even dare to ask for help. There are many who applaud your achievements, but you end up hurting them with your indifference. It’s okay to have goals, but don’t stop living in the moment.


Sometimes, it’s not so good to get used to people’s bad comments, because you end up using them as your best mask. They say you’re the weird one, the cold one, the one who doesn’t commit, and without realizing it you’ve given them pleasure. Aquarius, you know that you are not bad, but you are terrified that others have control over your life and that is why you decide to put up a thousand barriers. Only you know the demons you face to overcome the day-to-day. Feeling tired, desperate, and frustrated is okay. However, do not take it as an excuse to ignore all the blessings that life has for you. That defect of yours is taking you away from everything beautiful that you deserve.


Fears, sadness, dreams, anxieties, your mind does not stop and you know it, Pisces. On the one hand, you want to focus on the present, but before you know it, you have already taken a look at the past. It is important that you put your feet on the ground because the story that your head builds is not always the real one. That makes you feel confused, it is precisely the worst of your flawsyou try to see everything beautiful and when you find reality you end up very disappointed. Listen to your friends, the advice of your parents, of the person who has already experienced something similar. I know you have to live your own downfalls, but a little guidance won’t hurt. It’s okay to put your heart into all your relationships but do it very carefully, because not all the pretty smiles you see are genuine. Your imagination can deceive you.


The Worst Flaw Of Your Zodiac Sign

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