Cruel end. They will break with you, will not leave you a moment to defend yourself and will leave you in complete silence and darkness. Aries has no patience for you after saying his peace, and he will never let you say yours.


Cheaters. They cannot stay faithful, and when their libido calls them, they go away. They streamline their actions at the same level as the course and expect you to ride with them no matter what they do.
They will deceive you – it is obvious. They are savages in this department.


This sign is all about gaslighting. They will deny the truths as easily as they will not keep their promises.
But their true wilderness appears when they decide they are tired of you. You could bleed on the side of the road, and Gemini has no problem crushing you.


Forgive and forget – they just don’t do it. You could ask forgiveness for the simplest things, and once cancer decides that you are out, it is permanent and hard.
Cancer will confuse you and leave you wondering where you went wrong for the rest of your life.


Impulsive pettiness. Out of nowhere, your Leo person will suddenly give you an insult so irrelevant, so harsh and violent, that you will really be afraid for your life.
Leo is the nastiest of signs, and they like to throw away that irresponsibility.


Sarcastic attitude. Let’s face it, the Virgin already hates you, but when they think about it, if you rub them the wrong way, they will attack you so violently that you will end up wondering if you are really terrible.
Virgo has no tolerance for those they hate – and they hate everyone.


The killer is lying. They can’t live a day without lying, which seems a bit shabby until you realize they’ll be lying to you just to avoid confrontation.
What you clung to, what you enjoyed – Libra will gladly trample on it, defending everything it does with lies and other lies.


Oppressive bossiness. These control monsters are relentless and they sort of believe they are always right, so when they decide to enter your life, like a bad smell, they don’t stop until you kill yourself.
Either they control you, or you pay the price for your freedom.


Intense cold. No one is colder or more emotional than Sagittarius. And when they cut you off, you might as well never have existed. Sagittarius has no patience with people, and they don’t leave any, so if you sign up with one, know in advance that ‘They will soon be rid of you.


Wild writers. It is rare to be involved with a Capricorn and make it last without hearing from him … in the form of a well-written letter made up of pure and repugnant insults. The Capricorn likes to stab you with words, and if you cry, it’s a happy time for them.


Scammers. The wildest thing an Aquarius does is to rip you off. Natural liars, they have no conscience when it comes to lying to you, taking your money, playing with your emotions and letting you in the ground to die like a dog.


Narcissism. Yes, wild narcissism. This sign is so much in their own emotional baggage that there really is no time for someone else, which means that if you are counting on a Pisces for friendship, know that you are still number two.
Pisces will never love you a tenth as much as they love you.


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