The Type Of Woman You Are: The Month You Were Born Reveals Your Personality

The Type of Woman You Are: The month you were born reveals your personality

The position of the planets and stars can reveal a lot about our goal in life and our path of ascension and gives us enormous clarity about all matters that have to do with love, family, health, career and spirit. Over the years, scientists and astrologers have believed that their position at the time of our birth affects the time of year, which in turn does a lot in our personalities. Similarly, your month of birth can reveal your personality and the type of woman you are.

Certain personality traits tend to be associated with certain months of birth. For example, people born in January and February tend to be more creative and have a higher chance of developing schizophrenia than people born in any other time of the year. And people born in odd months tend to be more extroverted than those born in even months.

In the following article we have provided astrological insights to help you better understand yourself, your inherent strengths and potentials that you should embrace and develop more.

Here’s what your birth month reveals about your personality

January 1st

You are a born leader, with a peaceful demeanor.

Being a leader is a trait inherited from birth. You are determined and have a clear mindset that will help you make the right decisions in life. No matter how difficult the task is, giving up is something you wouldn’t even dream of.

No matter how independent and brave you are, the soft corner in your heart will help you understand the grievances of those around you. This understanding will help you shine in your work life and emerge as a peaceful person.

February 2nd

You are creative and freedom loving.

You are a creative person and you always try to improve the beauty of practically everything with the help of your creativity. Because of your free-spirited nature, you embark on the journey of life and visit new places that instill a feeling of freedom and belonging into your heart.

You are very sensitive when it comes to being in a relationship and you know how to be a loyal friend. Your generous character makes you a favorite person to hang out with.

3 March

You are shy but deeply love your neighbor.

You’re quite shy and almost never approach a person unless you have no other choice. Yet despite the fact that you are that woman who avoids partying with friends, you care deeply about the few friends that are so close to your heart. In fact, you are the one who knows how to value a relationship and maintain its worth.

Sometimes you are dreamy; however, your dreams will help you go a long way and reach the highest point in your career.

4. April

You are smart and diplomatic.

You are the person in whose blood the quality of diplomacy thrives. You are an open-minded person and therefore you have a lot of friends. You love to hang around whenever you are free and there is nowhere that you don’t like to go.

Because of your diplomatic nature, you will be successful in avoiding arguments and should keep climbing up the ladder of success.

5. Can

You have mood swings but are very social.

It is difficult to gauge your personality because you are going through mood swings so often. But you are definitely a person who loves interacting with people and having an active social life.

You are a person who is very fond of culture and travel. That’s why you don’t miss out on a weekend trip or vacation whenever you have a good opportunity.

6th of June

You are empathetic and introspective.

You have a deep insight and are quite ahead of your time. Your introspective nature will help you anticipate the obstacles that may be put in your path, and your deep thinking will help you analyze how to avoid them. This will help you achieve great things in life.

And best of all, even though you are so dedicated to your work life, you surely know how to balance things out so that you can have enough quality time with your family and friends.

7th of July

You are emotional and have a good sense of humor.

You are an emotional person and value every relationship. The spark of adventure is something that is always ignited in your heart, which is why you are seen to try crazy things whenever you can. Even though you are quite funny, you are humble and that is why people look up to you.

8th August

You are practical and very fearless.

You are the woman who is practical and analytical. You always follow a routine structure because discipline is what brings you closer to success. Your honesty and creativity make people ask you for help, knowing that you would never betray them.

And, the best thing about you is your fearlessness and the invincible and positive attitude that burns deep within you so that you cannot be defeated by others while you go on the difficult but right path.

September 9th

You are tender and easy.

You are one of the most promising partners out there because you are so loving. It is this trait of yours that attracts everyone to your simplicity. The understanding manner you display is truly commendable, and that’s what leads you to become one of the best people ever.

October 10th

You are disciplined and at the same time adventurous.

Nothing is more important to you than leading a balanced life. And since you are always trying to find a balance, you give equal importance to every person and every task that is a part of your life.

Yet even though you are a disciplined person, you love to explore new dimensions and that may be why you cannot stay away from adventure.

November 11th

You are confident and charming.

You are a person who knows when to compromise for the sake of loved ones. This is what makes you such a charming individual in the eyes of others.

Nonetheless, you are not failing to maintain your individuality by continuing your search for the unknown. This makes you a pretty good researcher in your field and helps you have a bright future ahead of you.

12th of December

You are fun-loving, but also benevolent.

You are the person who acts on their instincts. Having fun is your strong point and you are always surrounded by a positive and energetic group of people who share the same interests as you.

In the midst of all this fun and hustle and bustle, you also help those in need, which makes you special.

Perhaps you can now make out that women are really not as complicated as they look. Yes, it’s true that they occasionally hide their feelings and sometimes talk non-stop, but, they have a kind heart that only opens to the people they love.

Well, not everyone is perfect, that is clear. And even if there are women who are not so beautiful on the inside, there is a certain amount of goodness in every woman and that is exactly what you should be able to look for. So, the next time you want a woman to reveal her secrets, be a good friend of hers first. And when you do that, you will be eternally grateful that you met such a wonderful person in your life.


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