The Sign That Will Cost You More Work To Remove From Your Heart

The Sign That Will Cost You More Work To Remove From Your Heart

There are those who are destined to be forever in a corner of your heart, but not in your life. Loves that return to you in songs, writings, sighs. Of those sighs in which you find it difficult to take a breath. Sometimes accompanied by a smile, sometimes by tears, but always there, they never leave. Maybe it’s not you, maybe it’s their zodiac sign . This is the sign that will cost you the most work to get out of your heart:


Aries is the one who loves with fire in his eyes, the one who melts with his relentless kisses, the kind that shake every space of your soul. However, when you meet a Libra, magnetism is present. It is an uncontrollable energy, one of those loves that the further you go, the more you miss. And although at first everything seems rosy, with time it becomes more evident that they are opposite signs. Aries is the one who has the aggressiveness of Mars, he was born to achieve what he wants and there is no one to stop him. While Libra is sensitivity made person, it has the calm of Venus. That makes their union so complete and distant at the same time. However, it is not easy to say goodbye.


Taurus is the perfectionist who ends up melting with love when the right person arrives. He is the one who confronts, he has the pants to yell at the person how much he loves them. However,when a Sagittarius comes into your life, it is a clash of planets. Tension is part of the bond, this mystery of intrigue and happiness, envelops anyone. It is an attraction that does not understand reasons, that can make both of you feel confused, but you cannot let go. Deep down they know that the relationship is going to fail, but they still stay, because they get lost between kisses, caresses, conversations and in the end they always want more.


Gemini is one who loves with tenderness and a wild touch. The person who reminds you of what it is to give yourself without filters. However, when Libra appears in your life, it causes a flutter in your stability. Two air signs fighting for what they feel, when they are together it seems that everything is perfect. Charm, simplicity and sincerity are part of the relationship. Its attraction is mental, it is what tests the heart. If the relationship ends, it becomes synonymous with anguish for both of you, because first of all an invaluable friendship is formed, you miss the person who knew your darker side and still stayed by your side.


The sign that honors the emotions, the one that is not afraid to let its sensitive side take over from time to time. In general, Cancer finds it difficult to remove people from its life, because it does not go around giving itself deeply to just anyone. However, when Cancer and Pisces make a connection it is synonymous with immersing themselves in each other , on a level that few know. Two water signs focused on loving deeply, that support each other and put empathy first. When they feel confident they give everything and if the relationship ends they experience an excessively painful grief, a void that is very difficult to overcome, as they considered it an unconditional bond.


The sign that takes longer to get over relationships, than other fire signs. In particular, when you decide to say goodbye to Aquarius, a sign that leaves its mark on anyone who crosses your life, because it is the one that has the most connection with cosmic energy. We are talking about two opposite signs that complement each other, which means that there is learning beyond love. Leo is the one who always wants to shine, but Aquarius reminds him that there are more important things than standing out, they balance. Aquarius comes to Leo’s life to change it in a profound way and saying goodbye is terrible.


The Earth sign, rational, stubborn and very persistent. Virgo is very cautious when giving his heart, but there is a sign that can become his weakness. It is about Aquarius, the one who comes to test his emotional and intellectual side. When they meet, the talks are endless, the topics of conversation surround them and they do nothing but learn from each other. The problem is that there comes a point where the unpredictable personality of Aquarius becomes a torment for how meticulous Virgo is. Then the distance is present and although love is strong, it is difficult for them to learn to deal with it. They can be separated, but they are not forgotten.


Libra is the invitation to romanticism, once they break that shell that prevents them from giving their heart, there is no going back, they will teach you what true love is. However, when Taurus is present in your life a flare arises , both governed by the subtlety and love of Venus. They are a charm as a couple, tenderness cannot be missing. One of those couples who can easily pose for a postcard. However, Taurus cannot always cope with the free and social spirit of Libra. Remember that Taurus is quite territorial and Libra wants the least is someone to chain her. Still, Libra has a hard time saying goodbye to Taurus, especially when remembering what the beginning of their relationship was like.


Mystery, intensity and passion. Without a doubt, Scorpio is the sign that squeezes you from head to toe in love, in a good way. But there is a sign with which it is lost, we are talking about Aries, the most excessive and ardent mixture between two people . Both have Mars on their side, let’s say their essence is there, which keeps them at the bottom of the canyon. The bad news is that just as they love each other excessively, they can also have heated arguments that end very badly. Sometimes it becomes a vicious cycle, in which they do everything to keep the flame burning. Neither sign likes to lose and that makes the breakup very difficult.


Sagittarius is synonymous with adventure, the one who dares even if his legs shake with fear when it comes to love. However, when Aries comes into your life, it is like a bomb, two fire signs loving each other without masks. Both are unpredictable, daring and with a desire to go out and devour every corner of the world, which turns into a relationship with an incredible touch of adrenaline. Two independent signs, understood in every way, let’s say they could be soulmates. In particular, Sagittarius is very brave when it comes to saying goodbye to a love, but when it comes to Aries, it is very difficult for him to let go of someone so perfect.


Ambition, discipline and practicality. Those are the ingredients that cannot be missing when Capricorn is in a relationship. Usually he’s the one in control, but with Libra things get out of hand. Capricorn is mesmerized by the emotional and fun personality of Libra, melts with love and attraction. Let’s say you come to put a balance in your life. Although the Capricorn personality can be a bit explosive, it gets easily angered thanks to Saturn and that does not fit with the gentleness of Libra. However, they are emotionally lost to each other, so when it is time to say goodbye it is very painful.


Aquarius is the dreamy, dedicated, sweet soul. When she loves she does not understand reasons, it is a spiritual connection and everything else is left aside. You have a hard time saying goodbye when you fall in love with another Aquarius. We are talking about a perplexed encounter, one of those that takes your breath away, your hands sweat and your heart seems to be going out of your chest. It is an inexplicable synchrony, where logic and emotions are deeply recognized. However, when it comes time to finish everything becomes cold and indifferent, but it is difficult for them to accept that the bond does not last anymore. Even after a while they keep thinking.


The sign that is carried away, the one that does not understand reasons when it comes to love. However, there is someone in particular who has a hard time letting go, I speak of Virgo. When Virgo and Pisces meet, it is synonymous with stability, love and dedication. Both are signs of solidarity, they care about giving the best of themselves. They enjoy each other in a sincere and affectionate way, the goal of both is to make themselves happy. However, Virgo is very practical and that can go against the confusing part of Pisces, due to its excess of sensitivity. Even so when they finish an eternal sigh remains in the soul, they do not regret having found each other.


The Sign That Will Cost You More Work To Remove From Your Heart

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