The Reaction Of The Signs To A ‘We Have To Talk’

The Reaction Of The Signs To A ‘We Have To Talk’

There are situations that we all go through throughout our lives and one of them is “we have to talk”. In general, it is a complex and uncomfortable situation since it is usually because something is not going well in a relationship. Each person is a world and we react in different ways, so if you want to see what the reaction of the signs is to a “we have to talk”, don’t get lost and keep reading:


For Aries, these types of situations are not stressful at all. A “We have to talk” is a sign that there is an interest in clarifying things and being able to continue moving forward. Aries like things clear and to the face, they don’t fool around and that is why they face this type of situation with courage. You have nothing to hide, so you don’t have to be afraid. What annoys him is having to have reached that point when things could have been discussed much earlier.


Taurus deals with such situations naturally. When someone tells him “We have to talk” he is not scared at all. He will have no problem talking about things when the other person wants to. Of course, he does not like things to be thrown in his face and if the other person starts throwing a mess through his mouth, the Taurus will not fall short. He doesn’t mind talking about what has to be talked about, but always with respect. That of going on a rampage without taking into account the feelings of others does not go much with his personality.


Gemini is the typical person who runs away in this type of situation. He is a brave person, but he doesn’t like this kind of thing. When he hears a “We have to talk” the first thing he does is block that person from all his social networks because he prefers to start that type of confrontation before facing reality. Gemini is very intelligent and knows that if someone says something like that to him, it is because he has done something that he shouldn’t…


Cancer acts in a somewhat self-centered way in these types of situations. When someone tells him “We have to talk” he has no problem talking. The thing is, Cancer assumes this is because the other person is finally ready to apologize to him for something he doesn’t even know he’s done. Cancer is very sensitive and that’s why he’s almost always upset, but he can’t go through life like that because his attitude in relationships can wear them down, and a lot…


Leo has no problem talking about things as they are. He is a fire sign and likes sincere and honest people. That is why when someone tells him “We have to talk” he feels very grateful. For Leo, it is an honor that someone wants to talk about what he feels about him. That means that there is a lot of trusts and that they can tell each other everything they think. It is true that sometimes Leo is too sincere, but he does it without any malice.


Virgo needs to have everything under control, surprises overwhelm him too much. That’s why when someone tells him “We have to talk” he gets too tense. It is not that he is afraid of what they may say to him because Virgo has a clear conscience, the problem is that he needs to be in control of everything that happens to him. That is why Virgo will not decide to speak until he has everything well organized and knows what cards he is going to play.


Libra tends to get very nervous in these types of situations. He does not like conflicts and the thought that this situation will lead to one of them terrifies him. When someone tells him “We have to talk” everything inside him turns upside down. He isn’t afraid of what they might say to him, but just thinking about the situation gets on his nerves. The best way to deal with this for Libra is by rehearsing the possible scenarios that may occur in front of a mirror.


Scorpio is one of those people who doesn’t mince words. When someone tells him “We have to talk” he is not afraid of anything, he simply waits for the other person to start talking so he can let go of everything he thinks. He doesn’t cut hair, he always goes with the truth ahead, it hurts whoever it hurts. Scorpio is one of those people who are scared to talk to because everyone knows that he has a sharp tongue. With Scorpio, you have to be very careful.


Sagittarius has no problem sitting down and starting to talk about everything that needs to be cleared up to move forward, but when the other person starts talking and attacking him, Sagi feels out of place. For Sagittarius a “We have to talk” is synonymous with maturity and he does not understand how there are people who are only looking for an unnecessary confrontation with that. It’s fine to say everything you think, but there are limits that should not be crossed for anything in the world.


Capricorn always has his feet on the ground and knows perfectly well when something is not going well. That’s why when someone tells him “We have to talk” he is not surprised at all. Capri knows exactly what he’s cooking up and has no problem sitting down and talking things over calmly. Of course, disrespect does not tolerate them, he can’t stand a single one. He is a super respectful person and he is not going to let anyone try to trample on him, especially not in that way.


Aquarius is special and different. Everyone knows that he is on his own, he has never liked to give explanations of what he does or does not do. That’s why when someone tells him “We have to talk” he runs away. That someone sits down to throw things in his face does not go at all with his personality. Aquarius is not afraid of the consequences of his actions, but he sees it as totally unnecessary to go through such an unpleasant situation. Things are talked about when they happen, not when months have passed…


Pisces has a heart that does not fit in its chest. That’s why when someone tells him “We have to talk” he apologizes because he unconsciously thinks he has done something wrong. He is a super sensitive person and everything they say to him can affect him in his day-to-day life. When someone tells you that they have to talk as soon as possible because otherwise, you could spend hours and hours thinking about it. Pisces will listen to everything you have to say, but it won’t be a very comfortable situation for him.

The Reaction Of The Signs To A 'We Have To Talk'

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