The Phrase With Which Signs Feel Most Identified

Feel Most Identified

The Phrase With Which Signs Feel Most Identified

We all have that phrase that when reading describes us from head to toe. Sometimes you don’t need to say much, just touch a particular word to describe the person in front of you and every zodiac sign knows what I’m talking about. There is a favorite phrase that they do not let go of, they do not need to say it, but it sails in their mind all the time. It’s like that button that you have to press from time to time, especially when you start to feel low on energy. This is the phrase with which the signs feel most identified: 


” He who does not risk, will not know the taste of happiness .” Aries, you know that your expectations are high, you are not the type of boring sign that thinks to settle for the life that others plan for you. You know there is much more, you deserve to feel the adrenaline running through your body while you let out a laugh. Risks terrify you, like anyone else, but the difference is that you have the courage to face and master them. That’s when you realize that every sacrifice is worth it. If you hadn’t done it out of fear, your life would be different. 


” Before acting, listen .” There is no doubt that you are the most diplomatic sign of the zodiac, your intelligence and calm prevent you from behaving like the rest. There are those who judge you as obstinate, but you defend an idea when you are sure of it and you have enough arguments. I mean it very seriously, when your stubborn part shows up, nobody stops you. However, you don’t just talk, you always pay attention, because you like to analyze in detail the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents. That’s Taurus, things are done as you say because you don’t take them lightly. 


” There is nothing more difficult in life than trusting someone again .” It is extremely very easy to judge the bubble when you are not inside. People have gotten used to saying bad things about you, but few stop to think why you are like that. It’s not that you don’t want to commit, it’s that you don’t trust. It is not easy for you to show your vulnerable side after seeing the way people lie, humiliate and betray. It’s very painful to get over a bad experience like that and then pretend nothing happened. Now, Geminis prefer to put up barriers, and being indifferent has helped them a lot. 


” No matter what happens, don’t forget that I’m always with you. ” For you, affective relationships are not a game, your word is sacred in these cases and you do not let go of the people you love for anything in the world. You are a very loving, accommodating sign, you are not afraid of being seen as your most sensitive side, because you really trust. You know that this life is nothing without love and even if the relationship fails, you keep what you said one day. You may not continue to be so close, but you will always wish him the best in the world. People can blindly trust you, because what they told you one day you keep forever. One day was important in your life and that is enough for you to respect the person. 


” If you fall because of your problems, get up because of your dreams .”   If something does not scare you in this life it is assuming responsibilities, you are not afraid of hard work and if you have to get your hands dirty to achieve each of your goals, do not hesitate to do so. It is clear that your life is not perfect, there are times when you need a break, sit down to think, meditate and even cry. However, you always come back stronger, no matter how many times you have to try, you are not one to give up in the middle of the battle and that is admirable. Your light becomes the impulse that many need in the midst of so much darkness. 


” Let me do it” Let’s see, it’s not that Virgo goes through life with the intention of humiliating anyone, but the perfectionist side of him always betrays him and he can’t help it. He needs to be sure that things are carried out just as he planned because otherwise his mind will not leave him alone and will make him believe that there is something loose and he will ruin everything. That’s Virgo, he needs to check everything three times and a fourth time just in case. It’s not that he doesn’t trust your capabilities, but it’s the only way he can stay calm. If something goes wrong, he doesn’t forgive himself, he knows himself so much that he prefers to anticipate the situation. 


“ Fight against everything every day ”. You are a person who always tries to find the middle ground in everything, however, it is somewhat exhausting when you become someone else’s pillar because there are many people who abuse it. The truth is that you know that every sunrise is a new opportunity, not every day do you feel like going to work, going out for coffee, or doing your routine at the gym, however, you do. That is what distinguishes you from the rest, you know that it is the only way to overcome the bad streaks. It is not possible to have a great smile or the best of attitudes, but at least you will not stay at home waiting for life to pass you by. Well done Libra! 


“ Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition ”. Scorpio, you don’t care if people say you’re a witch. Yes, with great pride, because you are rarely wrong about something and you do not need to resort to any kind of ritual or spell. It is a beautiful connection with your heart, your sixth sense warning when something is wrong. You may often shut up because you don’t want to hurt anyone, but sooner or later what you said will come true. Your advice is sacred because it is very realistic and comes from your deepest emotions. There is no mistake there, it is the vibe that guides you and prevents you from relating to people who only wear you out. 


“ One day when you are not there you will be what you did ”. That is life, this morning, the rays of the sun, the water on your face, the kiss on the forehead, the affection of your pet, and the hug that fills you with desire. It’s that, it goes away in the blink of an eye, that’s when you understand that you only live once. Sagittarius, you know that what matters is what you do, your passions, hobbies, and the way you treat others. There is no lie there, the material is left over and it is your essence that remains in several hearts. It is difficult for you that there are people who continue to prioritize money, the house, and clothes. That’s nothing, when you take your last breath, none of that matters. What remains here are all those memories in which one day you laughed non-stop. 


” Don’t worry, I’ll do it .” At first glance, this phrase may seem harmless to a Capricorn, but the truth is that it is challenging and even stressful. This is because there comes a point where people abuse that you always end up fixing everything. It is not fair that you worry about the responsibilities of others. There is a very clear line between working as a team and leaving everything in the hands of one member. Please, Capricorn, realize that you deserve a break, you are not here to fix anyone’s life. It’s not your fault that others don’t commit. As long as you are disciplined and delivered you will do well. Trust, because you are here to do great things. 


“ One day at a time ”. That’s Aquarius, after so many experiences you realized that it’s not worth losing your mind over something you can’t control. Now, you try to be as positive as possible, without falling into the toxic. Obviously, there are times when you feel very bad and you don’t feel like smiling, but in the end, you know that it’s only a stage, because in this life nothing is eternal. Even when we go through the most painful moments when we think you’re not going to make it. You are not here to compete with anyone, the day you understood it your life changed and now you prefer to go at your own pace. If today was not a good day, maybe tomorrow will be, the good thing is that you still have another chance. 


“ You have to be happy, not perfect ”. The moment you let go of people’s opinions, your way of seeing life changes completely. Of course, your bad times still exist, but now you focus on your dreams, which makes your heart flutter. Even with downturns it is possible to have beautiful days and you know it. As long as you keep striving to improve your version, life will show you its best face. You know that your heart is full of goodness and that if malice has become popular, it is no reason for you to change. You will continue to give love to the world, because it is never enough, however, it is necessary for the soul to keep smiling. In the end, you learn who does and who doesn’t. 

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