The Phases You Have To Go Through In Your Life According To Your Zodiac Sign

The Phases You Have To Go Through In Your Life According To Your Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign has different stages. Some people get caught up in their early stages and from there are unable to really move forward and reach their full potential. Even though some phases may seem a bit strange, they mean a lot to the people who belong to these signs.

What phase are you in according to your zodiac sign?


Capricorn starts out as a horned goat and then morphs into a gazelle as they learn the importance of truly expressing themselves.

Though baffling to many, this transformation is filled with growth and freedom. However, learning the limits of this freedom is important, and it is the biggest part of finding the path to the higher phase of this zodiac sign.


Aquarius is a sign that starts in the peacock stage and is holding back a lot. This sign is the one who doesn’t want to share or express their concerns. By actually finding someone to talk to, he can continue his development, but it’s not easy. Finding the next phase (the frog phase) takes a lot of courage.

As a Frog, Aquarius will realize the importance of pursuing your dreams. It’s only at this point that he can really make room to move into the Eel Phase, which is about unity and reuniting with those he might otherwise have left out in the cold. 


It’s bittersweet for Pisces to start out as a clownfish. It’s a place of confusion and stress. Only when the Pisces lets go of the expectations of others can they move on to the lobster phase.

During the lobster phase, the Pisces are able to really allow their instincts to drive them to where they need to be, and from there they get that much closer to the hydrangea phase. The hydrangea phase is the final phase that is full of self-expression and creativity. 


Aries will go through several stages, the first being that of Ram. At this stage, all he does is work as hard as he can to get things done. 

However, as Aries grows and transitions into the Goat phase, they will really start to come to terms with the slowdown. The more progress and growth, the better. Once Aries is where it needs to be, it will find itself where balance is born.


Taurus starts out as a bull, quick-tempered, and easily angered. Although this temperament will never completely go away, Taurus will control it better and so transition into the Ox stage.

Once Taurus learns to control their own emotions, they become Bison and find true happiness from there.


Twins start out as twins, not knowing what their boundaries are. They don’t know themselves very well and this causes a lot of trouble in their lives. Despite trying to figure out who they really are, they begin to imitate others and often dive headlong into the parrot phase.

At this stage, Geminis don’t know where to go. It is only through introspection and self-care that Gemini can truly reach the star stage where Gemini know who they are. 


Cancers start out as Cancers who don’t know what to do in this world. They help others and are therefore often needed. They can’t really go on until they become sunflowers and then they realize they need to water. 

From there, they can grow into the bees they were always meant to be, but it takes work. To enter the bee stage, Cancer must figure out how to sever ties with toxic people.


Lions start off as tiny little cubs, and while their egos are bloated, they don’t really know how to show themselves. With many advancements in life and growth over the years, they become Leos and are more inclined to really highlight their own good deeds.

Most lions don’t progress further into the warrior phase because they can’t share the limelight they crave. However, if they can overcome this, they may find their place as warriors.


Virgos are born, they’re not mean or aggressive, but they don’t take everyone either. In the bear phase of their lives, they really need to learn to work on things and master their strengths.

Sure, they may not intend to hurt other people, but they do a lot when they’re younger.   In the sealing phase, the true colors of Virgo become quite clear. They make the best of everything and learn to hold back when it is necessary to hold back.


Although it might be a bit obvious, Libras start out as Libras, weighing things up and only going down paths that they know are easy for them. But over time it gets boring and as a result, some Libras turn to the Snake phase.

This phase is important, but it also hurts a lot. At this stage, Libra will let go of the many people they wanted around them. Then it is necessary for her to become a badger. Badgers can have a mean side, but those who care about Libra get to know Libra’s good sides.


Scorpios are just as you would expect, Scorpios. They are calm and deadly. However, they don’t always stay that way. They will turn into spiders and from then on they will be more willing to let other people in. 

From there, the lavender phase is anything but easy. The lavender phase is one that most don’t reach, but when they do, it’s often because they’ve successfully learned that their instincts aren’t always as right as they think they are.


Sagittarians begin in the Centaur stage, which is a place of great pain. It is a period of wandering and loneliness that causes Sagittarius to hurt many people. When Sagittarius realizes that going through things alone isn’t the best idea, they go into the dog phase, which is good and bad for a variety of reasons.

As a dog, Sagittarius will be more attached to others, but they can also attach themselves to the wrong people. If he keeps growing and stops running from the people he cares about most, he can become the moon and will be filled with hope and love.


The Phases You Have To Go Through In Your Life According To Your Zodiac Sign


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