The Past Is Knocking On The Door Of These 3 Zodiac Signs In December 2022

Past Is Knocking On The Door

The Past Is Knocking On The Door Of These 3 Zodiac Signs In December 2022

Is the past knocking at your door in the coming weeks? A few zodiac signs will have to deal with their past in December 2022, whether they like it or not.

Actually, we should leave the past behind so that we can live in the here and now, but sometimes it just comes into our present and catches up with us. It’s not always a bad thing when our past catches up with us. Sometimes it brings us something good too.

For us, it often means that there is still a topic that we have to deal with because we haven’t really finished with it yet. Or the universe wants to help us learn from our past mistakes and do things right now?

The past is knocking at the door of these 3 zodiac signs this month:


Every once in a while, you feel a pang of regret thinking about how you broke up with your ex and how much you miss him right now.

Because you’re proud, you’ve never really allowed yourself to admit that the breakup played a role in your life, and while you don’t like to feel like a victim, you know that at heart you were one.

But on closer inspection, you realized that maybe it was you who was being too harsh and that your ex of yours was actually the victim of your temper or anger.

This month you will take a deep look at the mistakes you made and you will feel the brunt of the decision that took you away from the person you once loved.

do you still love this person Yes you do? This transit will drive you to find ways to reach that person. Your intention will be to get back together with her.

Oddly enough, the idea of ​​being in love with your ex again doesn’t seem threatening or repulsive to you. In fact, it’s your preference; you actually want to get back together with that person even though you don’t want to bother making a difference.

You wouldn’t mind approaching this person and asking if they would like to join you for dinner. This month she will be much more receptive and sensitive to you and she will most likely accept your request.

This particular split was probably made in a hurry. Because now you both feel like maybe you made a mistake and that it all happened too fast.


The last thing you would ever want in a million years is to have anything to do with your ex, until, of course, December arrives and your thinking changes.

You left that relationship feeling that not only did you do the right thing, but that breakup made you feel free, light, and ready for the world.

did this happen For about a month or two, yes, you actually felt young and alert again? Until your memory kicked in and you’re suddenly carrying around so many good memories – the kind of times only this person can give you.

Yes, you broke up but that was the best relationship you ever had! you messed it up And you didn’t have the patience to sort it out.

Let this be a lesson for you. Share your needs and conditions. Don’t let the best in your world fall apart just because your pride got in the way and you wanted to close the gate prematurely.

You’ve been stuck in your head for far too long and you’re rattling on getting out. Enough of this constant brooding. The repetitive motion of not dating your ex and how much you miss him.

Without saying it out loud, you are confirming to the universe that you want to reconcile and resolve your differences with your ex.

These thoughts can stay in your head, or they can move out into the big wide world of manifestation. It’s up to you whether or not you want to reconcile with your ex and bring him back into your life.


One of the reasons you think about your ex so much is that you don’t have anyone in your life to fill the gap where romance should be. Your ex was handsome; you really thought you two would sail into the sunset together, and yet here you are today, alone and full of regrets.

You never took responsibility for your actions and how they led to the breakup. Instead, you blamed him and allowed yourself to play the poor, bullied partner who couldn’t take it anymore.

Over time, you realize that being with you was unbearable, but that’s hard to admit.

You want him back and your month will revolve around obsessing over that idea over and over again. That’s why you won’t be too surprised to fall in love with your ex again. You’re back in your life simply because you planned it that way.

At first, you weren’t even sure if you really wanted that person back in your life, but you definitely like them and miss them dearly, and it seems like you haven’t found a replacement for them — until now.

It also looks like you’re not that keen on replacing that human. It could be romantic laziness on your part or the fact that you’re just still in love with him. You know he feels the same, so why not? Why not try again?

The Past Is Knocking On The Door Of These 3 Zodiac Signs In December 2022

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