The Most Toxic Zodiac Signs To Avoid In 2021

After all of the terrifying events of 2020, we are finally on our way to a better start.

We witnessed not only the upsurge of a global pandemic but also poverty, political conflict and the emotional pain of not being able to see loved ones.

2020 was definitely a year in which we realized that even a breath is precious and that we should not take freedom for granted.

One thing has also been particularly noticeable and that is that we have become part of mass hysteria and that it has been proven more than ever that we are constantly victims of manipulation.

Many people showed their true colours even in these difficult times, and many who were dear to us also forgot us.

The global pandemic was the perfect opportunity to lie, cheat, or avoid the partner, and just as the state controlled us, we tried to control others.

Even some of our friends who were very dear to us stopped talking to us and hanging out with us.

Either they were only there for us when things were good, or the terrible events left them emotionally wounded.

In any case, 2021 should be a good start to avoiding toxic people such as partners and friends who avoid us.

We should only hug the people who desperately want us in their lives and who care about how we feel.

Those who truly value us will never forget or avoid us, and finally in 2021 we will let go of those who don’t care how we fill up.

If 2020 were a collection of all the bad things that make us unhappy in our lives, then these people are part of it.

In this fresh start we need to heal internally and externally and realize that love is something that is given without asking for anything in return, whereas with toxic people we always pay a price.

Particularly certain signs of the zodiac will tend to be more toxic this New Year.

Either this toxicity came about because their interest in you changed, or because they simply decided to start this year in a more selfish and selfish way.

5. Aries

Aries has definitely changed rapidly during the Dark Period of Containment.

This definitely didn’t affect his ability to be successful as this fiery zodiac sign is best known for his tendency to move forward alone and without a team.

The thing that affects this independent zodiac sign the most is its ability to trust others and make friends.

Since Aries people are extremely loyal, they paid attention to how each and every one of their friends treated them for humanity during the dark period.

Not only did their birthday, the most important day in the world, happen during the lockdown, but they were also deprived of the opportunity to spend their time outside and be social.

So if you forgot to wish them happy birthday during this dark time, you are probably no longer friends and they have already forgotten that you even exist.

Aries people have lost their trust in humanity so that they have become cold and insensitive to others.

They also let go of their ability to be transparent and honest about every aspect of their life and start hiding things so others can’t hurt them, much like the Scorpio who is known for this mysterious trait.

They are now avoiding people at all costs because they think that true friendship no longer exists and that even love is just a product of selfishness so that someone is not alone.

Because they seek absolute loyalty and cannot accept that others may have forgotten them because of the tough times they have faced, Aries is perhaps the most toxic person to be around right now.

Aries at the moment only thinks of himself and has the motive to achieve his goals, and he will give no value to other people at all.

They will hold onto their childish belief that all people are equal and that only hard work and self-care will pay off, so they should be avoided, that is, until they start trusting others again and realize they are not perfect .

4th bull

Taurus is definitely another zodiac sign that should definitely be avoided in 2021, especially when it comes to love.

This zodiac sign is perhaps the greatest victim of all the evil that has happened in the world as they are pretty much always driven by the good things in life.

They don’t like dark things to happen, and even when others are deeply sorry, they may think, “I’m still the worst . 

This opinion is also not the result of their cruelty, but of their sensitivity, because unlike others, they are often alone, so everything bad feels twice as bad to them.

Taurus people often face the problem that they give friends and partners an infinite amount of love and still get none of it in return.

This deplorable tendency is now unbearable, so that they are no longer the same Taurus they once were.

They no longer believe in love and have removed all people in their lives who cause them even a little discomfort.

Similar to Aries, they focus on their own selves and now see others only as objects of desire, which they can sometimes exalt, but they will not give them any value.

If the Taurus people were the only hope humankind has left with unconditional love, now they have simply taken it back.

The Taurus is no longer looking for love, but for materialism and satisfaction without trusting the other.

They don’t care about others anymore because nobody really cared about them when they needed to, so they got cold and calculated.

At this point, they only want great things for themselves and cannot find time for others, and so should be avoided until their original kindness is healed.

3. Virgo

Virgos should be avoided this year because they are too selfish to be occupied with.

The dire events that affected their life made them realize that they should only stick to their partner and family and they pretty much shut everyone else out.

Even if the relationship they have is beyond doubt, they’ll cling to it just so as not to be alone.

Virgos are actually more introverted and sensitive than people might realize, and are prone to emotional crises such that they never have enough energy to do something that is of no use to them.

Every second they spend with friends they measure as wasted time because that friendship is of no use to them, and that is one of the most toxic traits that can be expressed.

If you start paying attention only to the people and things that are useful to you, you lose the variety in your life and become a hypocrite in every respect.

So Virgos like to be kind to everyone and are the reflection of moral behavior while judging and putting down others behind closed doors.

They think they can be wrong and still get all the benefits of a friendship that they haven’t invested in.

Virgos also think that no matter how little sense their relationship is perfect, because their obsession with maintaining a perfect image does them more harm than good.

Nobody needs people who only care about themselves and their partner, and if someone like Virgo thinks that way, they might as well be left behind.

Since they will never make time for friends or other things, their intentions have never been good, and they are as fake as a human can get.

One day they may realize that everything in life shouldn’t be calculated and that making friends and meeting new people can only be good for their lives, but until then they are just toxic hypocrites and should be ignored.

2. Aquarius

Aquarius people have a problem leaving their past behind in 2021, which will greatly affect their lives.

They may still be with the same toxic partner they met in 2017 and unsure of which direction their life should go.

Your spontaneity has more than confused them and now they are just a bad influence on others who want to get ahead in life.

They don’t talk about ideas, visions, plans, they just care about enjoying day-to-day life.

Especially the tough times they faced gave them a motive to just enjoy the good things in life without taking responsibility.

This makes them terrible partners, friends, and even lovers, since they are so spiritually aloof to anything that is realistic.

Plus, they hide so many things that it’s almost scary to even bother with them.

Aquarius people don’t lie outright, they just never mention how they feel and the bad things they do.

They cheat quite a lot and go on different adventures without getting caught while fooling their partner into something else.

Aquarius people say they went out and drank with, but not with whom, and they just don’t comment on the relationship as if they were happy.

They don’t produce lies, they hide bad actions and live life as if it had no limits or obligations, thus not respecting their partner.

They just don’t like being stopped by anyone when it comes to experiencing life, and for someone who wants stability and progress, they are a toxic person to absolutely avoid.

1. Fish

Fish are the definition of toxicity in 2021.

Not only do they care about their own needs, but they manipulate others completely for their own benefit.

Even if you know your partner doesn’t really like the way things are, they’ll make him look like the crazy guy and pretend you’ve never wronged them.

Pisces love to trick their way into the things they want, and most of the time they are so bad at lying that they always get caught up in their own lies.

What is worse, even if it is perfectly obvious that they lied, they will never admit it and even become victims or cry.

In 2021, they will also have an uncomfortable tendency to crawl back to those who left them for trying to impress someone who has more to offer them (if anything).

They will pretend nothing happened and try to get back to you like the biggest fool, whether you were friends or lovers.

Those who have been hurt by their actions must also remember that they have not changed, they have just been dumped and now that there is nowhere else to go, they return to your kind arms.

Pisces are absolute opportunists and are always looking for the next best thing, and when that fails, they return to those who left them out of selfishness.

Nobody needs people who are so superficial and who cannot be trusted when it comes to love.

Fish stay until the situation is good, but once it gets bad they are gone and because of this tendency they should be avoided.

Everyone needs a supportive person to walk with them through good times and bad, unfortunately, Pisces are not that type of person and should be avoided at all costs.


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