The Most Anxious People Are Cancerians: If You Find Them, Hold Them Tight, They Need Them.

The Most Anxious People Are Cancerians: If You Find Them, Hold Them Tight, They Need Them.

If there is a Cancer in your life, you should tell them that you need them, that you love them.

People with this sign can be very anxious and need reassurance, literally every day. “Yes, hello, nice to meet you, I’m Cancer. I am the personification of an individual with a lot of anguish. Not to make a drama or something like that. ”

When it comes to relationships, Cancers need confirmation that all is well. We need to know that we’re up to the task and that you like us.

A Cancer’s soul mate? Someone to ease our worries.

If you share your life with a Cancer, you absolutely must understand their language of love: words of comfort. Cancer is the embodiment of these words.

They need a sense of security, stability and tell them that everything will be fine. When it comes to relationships, they feel like they’re not giving the other person enough, when in reality they are giving so much, if not too much.

I am Cancer and in every relationship, I have been involved in, I have always given myself to the other so that I can feel on their level. I never really got that much-needed comfort and because of it, my anxiety got significantly worse. The panic attacks and the self-doubts I had about myself became real. I started to over-analyze everything I did, thinking if I could act differently just to feel enough for others.

It could be an anxiety issue, or maybe it’s just something that characterizes us Cancers, but the paranoia is real nonetheless. Cancers analyze everything too much, and when I say that, I’m serious. Absolutely everything. If you don’t agree with what you’re doing, what you’re saying, we’ll get anxious. We will ask you questions to ask if we have done something wrong, something that has hurt you in any way.

When Cancers get anxious, we are really anxious. What I mean is we isolate ourselves, we stay silent. As for me, I am a person who cries a lot, in general. Sometimes Cancers keep things inside for fear of being judged for expressing their feelings. We are sentient creatures, so we don’t like to be put in a bad light. In most cases though, Cancers don’t hold back, they will say whatever they think about because we all know how anxious we could get if we didn’t. We really need to let go of our feelings and emotions.

If you know a Cancer who is very anxious, reassure them and tell them they’re cooking up everything. He will certainly thank you, but not only will you help him to believe more in himself.

If you are an anxious Cancer, remember that you are as good as anyone else.

Until someone comes to you and reminds you of how much you are worth, keep telling yourself: you are enough.


The Most Anxious People Are Cancerians: If You Find Them Hold Them Tight They Need Them.

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