The Message Your Future Self Wants You To Know

Your Future Self

The Message Your Future Self Wants You To Know

I know that right now you are having a hard time, that it is difficult for you to keep a smile and at night it has become a habit to cry until you fall asleep. That’s why today I want to remind you that life is beautiful, that bad streaks are not forever, and that you have an opportunity to do better. Maybe it’s not your fault, but you are responsible for your well-being, don’t forget about yourself or anyone. Give yourself the attention you deserve, hold on to life, to the rays of the sun, the wind in your face, the sand between your fingers. Do not let yourself fall, this is the message from your future self wants you to know


It is your moment, do not put your happiness in the hands of anyone or allow the negativity of others to contaminate you. You only have this moment, don’t let it go away, break your fears, because on the other side is the life you’ve always dreamed of. It is better that you do it now, you will not regret it. Your dreams are waiting for you, take the step, and don’t settle for what the rest wants you to be. Proudly show them your true essence. 


Your future self wants to warn you that there are people very close to you who are not good, trust your intuition, if you don’t feel good with them, better get them out of your life. Do not force yourself to be with those who remain. You deserve beautiful love and friendships for life, but there are times when you have to let go even if it hurts. Your mind is smart, but your heart is fragile, don’t expose it that way. 


What’s stopping you? Stop thinking so much, don’t make excuses for love, there it is, let yourself go. Life is about flipping a coin, you’re not always going to have the result you want, but that’s okay because each step is making you stronger in every way. Do what your emotions tell you, don’t listen to the fears of others, they want to stop you because they don’t dare. 


Life is not perfect, I wish it were, Cancer. Love is not forever most of the time. It is time for you to accept that there are people who only come into your life to be part of a chapter and there is nothing left but to enjoy them to the bottom. Do not stay with the desire for anything, that idea that is spinning in your head deserves to be heard. There are people who want to see you shine, don’t let them go, they will help you get very high. 


Enough is enough Leo, you have experienced one demand after another, it seems that nothing you do or stop doing satisfies you. It is time for you to free your heartand let your crazy emotions guide your path, there is the key to finding happiness. Do not be afraid, yours will not leave you. Stop fooling yourself, you know you’re not happy there, please move now. 


Ever since you can remember, you’ve been determined to meet everyone’s expectations except your own. The time has come for you to be your priority, listen to yourself, love yourself, give yourself everything you give to others and you will see how your life changes in a positive way. Do not be obsessed with everything going perfectly, you are wasting energy on things that do not give you satisfaction, focus on yourself, your self-care is what will lead you to success. 


Until when Libra? You’ve gotten used to being where you don’t want and with whom you don’t want. A part of you feels terrified, you don’t want to leave your comfort zone, because you’re terrified of failure, but falls are necessary. You have to take the step, not fake smilesthe days are slipping away in a bitter, unhealthy, and horrible life. That is not the solution, break the shell, and give yourself that opportunity. 


You know that you have incredible potential, you are intelligent, resourceful, and funny, and you have many things to be victorious in whatever you set your mind to. However, you let others make you small when they highlight your insecurities. Remember that you are not perfect, but that does not make you less valuable. It’s time to learn to embrace your dark side and show the world what you’re made of. You can trust your essence. 


Do not stop, at that rate you are perfect, Sagi, you have done very well to ignore others, you are not here to please anyone. Life has great things for you, but you need to go jumping one obstacle after another, nothing falls from the sky. The best thing you can do is not waste your energy on people who don’t understand you and spend their time judging everything you do. Look for someone who motivates and inspires you, there it is. 


You know that you need to lower your intensity by two lines because when you focus on a project you lose yourself and do not enjoy the things that really warm your heart. Time does not stop Capricorn, if you close yourself off like that in the future you will realize that you stopped doing many things you wanted. Enjoy your loved ones, and be thankful that they don’t let go and come back to you, to what fills you with smiles. 


From time to time take it or leave it, there is no more, life is small unrepeatable fragments. You know what they say, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Let your intuition guide you, and take you with the right people. Take care of yourself, and do not let the bad vibes of others turn you off, there are people who hate that you shine without effort and want to see you defeated. Don’t waste your energy on it, but stay away from its negativity. 


Keep dreaming, writing, singing, painting, and keep being you. You are a wonderful sign, but you do not believe it, because your thoughts lie to you and your sensitivity does not help much when it turns against you. Be brave, you have a very strong side, that is what you need to tell the world what you are worth and what you want in this life. You only have one, stop settling for what doesn’t make you happy. It’s your turn to be heard, understood, and loved. 

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