I know you are smart, strong and have enough qualities to get anything you want. However, it’s important that you start letting go because the unknown is out of your hands, Aries. The mantra that can help you is this: I will learn to let go, let things flow and let the bad also touch my days, because I am not there to solve everything. My responsibility is me, I will not forget it.


When was the last time you allowed your heart to fully open? You’ve become your own worst enemy because you’ve normalized not speaking up and it’s like your emotions aren’t worth enough to set boundaries and make clear what you like and dislike. The mantra that can help you find serenity on the subject is: I will give myself permission to feel, not to suppress, and finally to find the clarity I want. Who in turn will lead me to peace.


No one is charging you for trying Gemini, don’t let your fears become your biggest obstacles. It’s important that you believe in yourself, in every crazy idea that pops into your head, because something wonderful can come out of that craziness and you know it. The mantra you need to hear is: I will step forward, without fear and with the certainty that the result will be what I expect. However, if something doesn’t go as planned, I will learn to let it go. Letting go is what I need.


It’s not healthy for you to get lost in the dreams of another Cancer. You should know that your happiness should not depend on what other people are doing. It’s time to listen to what you want and what fills you with life. The mantra you need to repeat right now is: I will open my mind, because I have long refused opportunities to please others and that is not right. Now I am ready to put myself first and will not allow anyone to influence me when making my decisions.


What’s Drowning You Leo? You don’t take time out of the day to really listen to what’s deep inside you. Of course, you are not afraid of responsibility and when you want to put an end to something you do it without fear. The bad thing is you don’t put the same limits on yourself and that’s where you get hurt. The mantra that will relieve you is: I will free myself from all the negative energy that I have put inside me. I will think that my peace of mind is far more important than pleasing others, and I will stop doing stupid things to satisfy unnecessary whims.


It’s not about competing with the other Virgo. You never intended to have anything better than the one next door, but you’re so focused on making things perfect that there are times when you don’t realize there’s people who just need a little help from you. Remember that when you give to others, everything seems better for you. The mantra that can help you is: I will find a moment to calm down, in a space where I can fully analyze what I am feeling and let go. There is nothing better than connecting with my thoughts and trusting.


You have a super power and you don’t perceive it Libra, you can do a little bit of it every day until you reach the peak you’ve dreamed of. However, you do not give yourself the opportunity to think, create and achieve everything that satisfies you. The mantra that can help you is: I will learn to trust the journey that life has prepared for me and I will not let toxic people get in the way. I’m going to believe in fate and if someone leaves my circle it’s because it’s written like that and I’m not going to hold on.


Just because you’re a very resilient person doesn’t mean you’re going to let everyone take out their anger on you. Scorpio, you say nothing when people drop a thousand loads on you, because your pride is what makes you believe you can handle that and more. Yes you can, but the question here is, is it really up to you? The mantra that can help you is: I will stop being intense in everything and I will not normalize myself by continuing to do things that hurt me. It’s time to free myself, not to resist and empty my mind of all those ghosts of the past.


It’s your turn Sagittarius, it’s up to you to value yourself above everyone else. Now is the time for you to say no when you don’t want to do something and not have to think about it a thousand times when you want to. It’s you, a liberal being next door you see yourself and it’s not worth you becoming your own cage. The mantra that can help you is: I will learn to grow whenever I face a challenge, because frustration and flight are not an option. I won’t back down when the going gets tough. I know that I am very strong, and that everything that comes out of my mouth is very important, I will not allow anyone to say otherwise.


Work, responsibilities and dreams, your life has become an endless agenda and just when it seems like you’re going to give yourself a break, you find something new to do as if you’re desperate not to be alone. When this happens to you and your thoughts shake you, think of this mantra: I will come to myself when things get tense and I want to resolve everything. I have to give space to my heart, because it needs to breathe and not stick to what is known. There are things far more important than all that is material and superficial.


Sometimes it seems like you have it all in your hands and other times you don’t even know what to expect. You are the type of sign that gets lost in what your mind says and you never allow others to have an opinion on what you want to do or not do. For the same reason, you are very selective with the people around you and when something bothers you, you have the courage to say goodbye in the blink of an eye. The mantra that can help you is: I will walk away from those who minimize my feelings and I will release all this tension that does not allow me to find peace of mind. There are people I don’t want in my life and it’s time to say it.


Sometimes your naivety can cause you to open doors to people who think they’re golden, when in reality they’re just looking for some noble soul to dump all the trash inside. Pisces isn’t worth it, you’re one of those who love and forgive, but few deserve your best version and you know it. The mantra you need to repeat is: I will create the future that I have imagined for so long. It’s time for me to let go of the idea that I’m here to save the other, when in reality I haven’t saved myself. I have to go deep to really find out who I am.


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