The Last Full Moon In Gemini And Its Complicated Energies

Complicated Energies

The Last Full Moon In Gemini And Its Complicated Energies

We are about to end the year, and on December 8 the last Full Moon of the year will light up the skies, and no, its energy will not be easy for everyone to handle. The current astrological aspects are not entirely easy. Mars went into retrograde motion and is also in conjunction with the Moon, which can cause emotional tension to skyrocket. Alas, the last Full Moon in Gemini and its complicated energies. ..

It will be important to remember that no one has all the answers to your questions but don’t worry so much about not finding them now, it’s part of the challenge, the goal, and the beauty of life. Give yourself time, you will have the answers soon.

If you have neglected your inner world a bit, it may not be your best moment. It is very likely that there are wounds that still bleed, wounds that still hurt a lot and that can be opened by almost any conversation that rises in tone. You have to be careful with this because words can now cut iron and in general, many people can easily feel damaged.

All the signs must remember something important: nothing is lost, and even from the place where you stumble or where you seem most stuck, you have to learn. Because that learning is KEY now for your future.

Neptune, square to the Moon can make you slow down and stay stuck in situations of the past at times. Even when the hours go by and you analyze your behavior, you may feel that in some way your emotional maturity may have failed you at some point… You may even feel that you have gone too far with victimhood. The important thing is to realize, you know how to take a step back and ask for forgiveness if necessary.

We are going to analyze how the last Full Moon of the year in Gemini will affect each sign of the Zodiac in a more specific way:


You can have some tension in some Aries relationships. Beware of the drama, try not to place it in your life now and escape from it. And if someone wants drama, let them keep it. You have to be on another roll now. Obsessions can return and recurring thoughts can hurt you a lot. Try to rest a little better and prioritize.


It will be good for you to save a little Taurus because expenses are coming up in a very short time and it should not catch you off guard. Let’s see, things as they are, to have that money you will have to work, but it is true that with drive and determination you can get it. Try not to overspend now Taurus.


You cannot make the problems of others your Geminis, you already have too much. You can listen, understand, and even give advice, but not get absorbed enough to lose the will to live. Now it is key to separate yourself from those people who somehow suck a lot of energy from you. Try to focus a little more on yourself and reflect on what you want your course to be…


Sometimes you keep everything too inside, Crab, and you don’t realize that the more you talk, the more understood and supported you will feel by the rest. Don’t be shy, don’t close in on yourself, and you don’t have to have power over everything. What’s more, it’s that you need your loved ones more than you think. Your friends are always there, but you have to protect friendships… And water them Cancer.


Your feelings are sincere Leo, you want to do things well, you want to cooperate and you are ready to accept whatever comes your way, with strength and without drama. Perhaps you need to talk about an issue that worries you with someone you know understands you. Look for that person, have a coffee, and have an interesting conversation that makes you let off steam or simply forget about some episodes that have occurred lately. You know that you can see everything from different angles: they can feel that everything is going wrong or that perhaps everything has gone wrong because something better awaits you. Stick with the second. And be patient.


Cut to the chase Virgo, cut people who overreach you, fake people who think they have power over you and who think they can treat you like a jerk. Start setting limits and start moving away from people you see as something weird. Sometimes it is better not to give so much confidence… Because you risk it.


If something annoys you, walk away and meditate, reflect, and stay alone for a while… You need it Libra, more than you think. Perhaps you should revive certain passions a bit. It is true that due to lack of time, routine, or whatever, you no longer find everything so motivating. And when you lose motivation, you lose a lot of things. Try not to feel guilty for not doing “what you should do.” Sometimes, you don’t have to do anything, just rest and gather strength.


You walk with many plans in your head, you want to start something new, some business, some hobby, something. If you’re thinking of partnering with someone, beware. It doesn’t have to go wrong but remember to choose your Scorpio partner well. Think about your goals, and where you are now, and also think about whether you would make a good tandem. Do not rush. Choose well.


You have to get closer to your Sagi, and not so much to your friends but to that part of your family from which you had distanced yourself. You are a very happy person and when you are well you light the way for almost everyone who is lost. Your way of seeing things, your naturalness, and your spontaneity help a lot. Take advantage of having them Sagi, take advantage of your time with them. Many, of you, have missed it.


Delegate Capri, when you see that you can’t take it anymore, let each one take care of their own. Your emotions are overwhelmed, you can go from crying to joy in seconds, and you can go from wanting to stay home and not go out to wanting to burn the night. In the end, these extreme emotions are not good for you, they do not go with you and they destabilize you. Try to relax, think before making decisions and look at what suits you best. Even if it’s not what you want to do the most.


Try to focus a little more on the subject of finances and check your numbers and your accounts. Do not be left / or on this topic Aquarius, you can mess it up by having some mistakes. Try to have more control of your economy and start focusing on how to invest and how much or how little you have. You have to move money well, above all, so as not to feel that you are left behind. What used to make you suffer, now makes you laugh… There is an evolution in Aquarius. And you know.


Don’t give up on your personal aspirations now, Pisces, because everything is compatible. You have to reflect on the past to know what you don’t want to have in the future. There are decisions to be made, you can’t wait any longer, and you have to invest all your energy precisely in that idea so that it comes out.

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