The Impossible And Most Difficult Couples Of The Zodiac

Impossible And Most Difficult Couples

The Impossible And Most Difficult Couples Of The Zodiac

Finding a person with whom we are compatible is something that we would all like. We dream of this person who complements us, who gives us everything we seek to be happy. But, few are those who reflect on those relationships that cannot go well. And, there are. In this article, you will discover which are the most difficult and impossible couples in the Zodiac, which are not compatible at all.  

Aries and Cancer

This is one of the first couples that we want to talk about. These signs are very different from each other and, in this case, opposites do not attract. While the Aries are very explosive, independent people and like to go their own way, the natives of Cancer are the opposite. They like to spend time at home, they are dependent and they like to plan things before doing them. This is one of the most complicated relationships that we can find and, if we want to try to make it work, both parties will have to do a lot, a lot, on their part. 

Taurus and Aquarius

The Aquarians are very stubborn people, but the Taurus beat them in the race. Here, the biggest problem is that neither of them likes to apologize or change their way of being. Both have very different values ​​and are very firm in their decisions. Therefore, it will be difficult for them to reach agreements in their relationship. And, a relationship in which there is no honest communication and both parties give in a little, is a relationship that is not going to last long. 

On the other hand, it is also very remarkable that the natives of Taurus are very familiar and homelike people, while the natives of Aquarius are very independent people who like to go out and travel. For this reason, one of the two will end up canceling the other and this will inevitably lead to an unfriendly breakup.

Gemini and Virgo

One of the most explosive relationships in the Zodiac and not in a good way. The relationships between these two signs can become very toxic and it is that they are very physically attracted, but they are super different between them. The natives of the Gemini sign are very strong people, somewhat independent, and very talkative. For their part, Virgo natives tend to be more reserved and quite inflexible. The truth is that Virgo is easily irritated when he sees the childishness of Gemini. Being so different and having a lot of chemistry between them, it is difficult for them to get out of this relationship. And this is what generates the toxicity between them. 

Another detail to take into account is that in this couple there will be many jealousy problems. While Geminis like to go out with her friends, the natives of the Virgo sign can become very jealous and very possessive. This character makes arguments constant to the point of wearing down, day by day, a relationship that should be the place to find peace of mind. 

Leo and Scorpio

Although it may raise doubts, the relationship between Leo and Scorpio is not as good as it may seem at first glance. Despite the fact that they are very similar people, their relationship is destined to fail because of their pride. They are both people with big egos who find it difficult to take the first step when it comes to admitting mistakes and asking for forgiveness; What’s more, they are going to try to put the “blame” on the other. And, in this way, there is no relationship that works. 

As with Virgo and Gemini, Leo and Scorpio are very physically attracted to each other. For this reason, it is easy for both of them to want to start this relationship. However, this will not go beyond the months of falling in love. 

Libra and Capricorn

The natives of Libra do not hit at all with the Capricorns. We must bear in mind that the natives of Libra are very noble and very accommodating people, like Capricorns. Complacency, among them, is their biggest problem and it is that they will enter spirals to see who can do more. That is, with them, the good ends up being something bad. The Capricorns, for their part, do not give in easily and, in addition, everything ends up being a competition for them. And, competitions in a relationship never end well. 

Also, the natives of Libra like to go a little on their own, while Capricorn is quite controlling. For this reason, it is easy to see many arguments due to jealousy, another factor that does not help in a stable relationship. 

Sagittarius and Pisces

Another very complicated couple that we find in the Zodiac is the one formed by Sagittarius and Pisces. There are experts who have come to point out that it is the most incompatible of the Zodiac, despite the fact that it might seem quite the opposite. Sagittarius natives are characterized by being very independent people, while Pisces are people who tend to ask for attention at all times. 

On the other hand, it is also worth noting that Pisces like to plan everything, while Sagittarius is more of going at the last minute. Therefore, they will never agree when making plans for the future. It is one of the relationships that end the fastest. 

Having a partner should be a symbol of peace, tranquility, and unity. However, there are relationships that are doomed from the start. For this same reason, following the indications of astrology experts and avoiding starting these relationships is the best way to avoid more serious problems in the future.

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