The Full Moon On August 31st Has A Particularly Strong Influence On These Zodiac Signs

Particularly Strong Influence

The Full Moon On August 31st Has A Particularly Strong Influence On These Zodiac Signs

On August 31st, a particularly rare astrological event takes place: the “Blue Moon” – this is what the second full moon within a calendar month is called. You read that right: This year August has two full moons! And this special celestial spectacle brings many changes and a breath of fresh air in the new season. But it has a particularly strong impact on three zodiac signs.

Because it changes their perspective on life greatly.


Thanks to Blue Moon, Aries is probably facing a phase of self-reflection and letting go. This zodiac sign generally tends to be energetic and impulsive. The Blue Moon now reminds Aries to pause and rethink old habits that stand in the way of their personal growthThis could be a time when Aries realizes they are sometimes holding onto things that are better off letting go. For the fire sign, autumn is probably under the motto: Everything new, autumn makes!


For Scorpios, the Blue Moon could trigger an emotional roller coaster ride. Scorpios are already known for their passionate and quick-tempered nature. However, thanks to the full moon, some hidden feelings may surface in the coming weeks. What that means exactly remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: it is important for Scorpios to take care of their own well-being during this time and to explore the deeper layers of their emotionsBecause this phase could also serve to finally release emotional blockages and find inner peace.


The celestial spectacle also has a particularly great influence on Aquarius. The Blue Moon could symbolize a period of change and realignment for Aquarius. Those born under this zodiac sign value their independence and originality. However, during this Blue Moon, they may find that certain aspects of their life need to be overhauled to better support their long-term goals. This could be a time for Aquarians to rethink their future plans and focus on what’s really important.

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