The favorite word of each sign of the zodiac, and what it means


The favourite word of each sign of the zodiac, and what it means. In these words, the whole essence of each zodiac!

Aries – “the best”

If Libra tells you that everyone is equal and there are no better and worse, then Aries just like the opposite when they are called the best. Aries likes to compete and be the first in everything. Why is Aries’s favourite word “best”? Because every time he goes somewhere, he tries to mention this word – “This is the best restaurant in the city!” “Friends, this is the best pizza, try it!” “I have the best boyfriend / best girl!” If you want to constantly please your Aries, call it often the best or the best.

Favourite words of each zodiac sign

Leo – “unique”

Aries like when it is the best compared to others, but if you start to compare Leo with someone, he will become enraged!

Virgos love to do this, they analyze Leo with past lovers and they say directly – “Here you are in this better than my previous ones, the benefits from you are obvious!” But Leo is unique and unique! It is important for him to be exceptional in the eyes of a loved one.

Leo loves to impress people and awaits applause and worship, admiring glances. Tell Leo that he is unique and do not compare him with any star!

Virgo – the “right”

It is important for Virgo to be correct in everything, Virgos follow the rules and do not violate social norms. Such are the conformists who will not cross the road at a red light. They will wait patiently until the green lights up, even if there are no cars.

It is important for a virgin man to know that he lives correctly, that all his actions are reasonable, and most importantly rational.

Virgos are planning everything in advance to avoid mistakes, which are usually panicky afraid to make. Virgin girls are proud of their correctness – they are excellent, clever and good housewives.

Taurus – “reliable”

Taurus loves reliability and will not risk the same as Aries in the hope of being the best. Taurus is important stability and confidence in the future, he wants to protect themselves financially.

He himself is also a very reliable person and constant, you can rely on his promises, he is a good friend, he will come to the rescue in time, he will help with practical advice and never betray. Praise Taurus for their reliability!

Libra – “charming”

Adorable – a synonym for the word beautiful! How do Libra love to see the beauty in everything! Beautiful picture, nice girl, charming guy! And what are these lovely flowers on the windowsill? Oh, how lovely it was said!

Weights like when they are told that they are graceful, they should be admired as a work of art! Look at the sunset by the sea together and notice every moment as beautiful!

Libra men should be commended for their romance and ability to be gentlemen.

Capricorn – “status”

“Status”  is Capricorn’s favourite word. Capricorn will look at the car of a man and quickly assess his financial situation, so he believes that people will consider him significant if he lists all his regalia. He is important diplomas, awards and professional recognition.

Capricorn through achievements confirms its status. Status determines the weight of a person in society; it is important for Capricorn to feel oneself as a “Personality” doing something significant.

Tell Capricorns that they are indispensable workers, excellent breadwinners, loyal friends! And most importantly, always let them understand that what they are doing is important and valuable. Capricorn puts work in the first place and is waiting for recognition of his merits in this area.

Sagittarius – “authoritative”

The authority gives authority to give advice, to which people will listen, and Sagittarius – the master to guide others on the right path. Sagittarius seeks to be an authoritative person, and this is not for the sake of power, but for the sake of respect in society.

Sagittarius loves when he is respected and consulted on any issues. Sagittarius himself always tries to develop and broaden his horizons in order to have the right to educate people morally.

Sagittarius learns from famous gurus and perceives information from reputable sources. Therefore, show your respect for Sagittarius through the adoption of his thoughts and beliefs.

Scorpio – “powerful”

“Powerful”  is Scorpio’s favourite word. Fast, intense, fearless, he does not like to do anything in half. Scorpio gives himself without a trace to the cause and, accordingly, his energetic actions provoke a powerful reaction from those around him.

Scorpio has a large supply of vitality, it can suddenly throw what it was going for several years and go in a completely different direction because it tells the heart. He is independent of the stereotypes of society, he doesn’t care what others say about him, Scorpio is self-confident and capricious. I want to follow him.

Scorpio loves to make a powerful impression on people and evaluates the actions of people as either “powerful” or none at all.

Cancer – “safe”

Cancer has great intuition for dangerous situations, for which he is often called cowardly and suspicious. In fact, intuition helps him in solving many issues, and by the way, Cancer often feels deceitful and tries not to make deals in which he loses.

In the detachment of tourists of the famous Dyatlov Pass, the only survivor was Yuri Yudin, Cancer on the zodiac, the day before the tragedy, he felt bad and went home. His intuition correctly felt the impending misfortune.

Cancer loves safety, make it safe and comfortable, then Cancer will unfold. Also, most of all Cancer fears that someone from his loved ones may be in danger.

So what really pleases Cancer is the guarantee that nothing will happen to him and his children, his parents. The “safe” word fits more than the rest of the characters.

Pisces – “fabulous”

“Fairytale” is   Pisces’ favourite word. Pisces have a rich imagination, they live in an unusual world, in a world where miracles are real, and dreams come true easily.

Pisces is a sign of creativity and inspiration, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, the planet of the highest unconditional love, it is a symbol of the Abyss, from which everything beautiful and fabulous is drawn. The fairy-tale world exists not only in the subtle world, but it can also be created in our, material world.

What kind of world you will create in your head, it will be like that in reality, you just have to remember to rearrange your legs and act for the sake of realizing all your plans in reality. After all, once we also could not believe that aeroplanes could fly, and iron – to float on water. So make your life fabulous quite real, if you really want and believe.

Aquarius – “original”

Aquarians love to stand out and be different from others, they act outside the box and in any case show creativity. And this they get easily and naturally because Aquarius understands that all ingenious is simple.

If you can not get out of a difficult problem, refer to Aquarius, he will offer a simple and original way out that you never thought of.

Aquarius is the person who sees the open window when you fight like a fly on the glass. Why search for complex solutions to problems? Everything is actually simpler than it seems, and we love to complicate things ourselves. Therefore, the word “original” legitimately belongs to Aquarius.

Gemini – “interesting”

“Interesting” is Gemini’s favorite word.
Oh, how interesting! – So enthusiastically usually Gemini react to new information. The twins are inquisitive and always ready to learn new things, they are open to knowledge and most of all are afraid of boredom and routine.

Communicating with people, the Twins try to be as interesting as possible for everyone, so it is easy and fun to talk with them.


The favorite word of each sign of the zodiac, and what it means

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