The Advice That You Should Apply To Your Life If You Want To Find Love

Although we all know what we do well in our relationships and what we do worse, some extra advice never hurts. Especially because sometimes we are not capable of self-criticism, or we are stuck in behavioral loops that make us repeat the same mistakes all the time. Also the same successes, but when everything goes well, we do not remember to make revisions or amendment purposes. Find out what advice you should apply to your life if you want to find love according to your sign. And luck!

Aries once again, your famous impatience comes out, the one that pushes you like a runaway horse, and with which you win a race, but many times, you go off the track and you don’t even know where. In your relationships, you know that you have taken more than one charge because of that impatience. Either you go ahead of time, or you go to the first discussion … and most of the time, you don’t enjoy the day to day because you want to know immediately how the relationship is going to be, for how long, and what you are going to do. exactly in the next few years. Come on, crazy, especially for whoever is in front of you, who will notice your urgency, and will be overwhelmed because they will not know how to behave before someone so impatient to enjoy. And you try, yes, of course, you try to take relationships calmly and depending on who your partner is, you get it. But when you are with someone hard, you explode soon when it pricks you. And your impatience leads you to shelve before reflecting and looking for solutions. And look how calmly, you are ideal as a couple, someone sincere, direct, enthusiastic, and active. Calm down, please.


Taurus You look for love, you find it, you grab it … and there you stay. It’s over. We already know of your calm disposition, of your taste for safe things, of your way of enjoying love softly. Strong emotions are not for you, but neither is the roller coaster at the amusement park, or changing destinations on vacation, or doing something other than a sofa and a Sunday movie. If your partners then get bored or argue about wanting to do differently, don’t be surprised. You need to bring newness into your life, Taurus, if not, you run the risk of losing someone because he is a prisoner of a peaceful relationship, yes, but very little exciting. You also know that routine also kills love. As you are also of strong character and possessive, what you say is done or nothing is done. And of course, understand the other person: That he will not care about the peace that you sell him, you will want more emotion, he will feel that he is drowning next to you and maybe he will start dreaming about you being far away. Taurus, that’s the advice you should apply to your life if you want to find love.


Gemini, at the time of the conquest, surely you have the best arsenal of words to persuade, the one that no one else in the Zodiac has. With the incentive besides that you don’t have to think about them, they come out alone because you carry in your blood the thing of communicating, relating, expressing, empathizing … and getting everything you want every time you open your mouth. But once your prey is persuaded, to create a deeper bond, you have to keep talking (and acting) but already from the depths of your heart. You have to open up sincerely, you have to stop rationalizing your feelings, in love, not everything has to have an explanation. Sometimes it is something inexplicable but it is real, and also, you have to focus and not scatter. Because if not the love you proclaim will not seem credible, and you run the risk of losing that person because they will not trust you, or they will believe that you cannot have a mature relationship. Just a fun, engaging, superficial relationship, for a little while or two. No more.


Must see Cancer, how hard is the shell of the animal that represents your sign, and how thin your skin is when you have problems in your relationships. Especially the loving ones. Surely your partner, no matter how much he knows you, will hallucinate every time you enter that dramatic loop because of something that has happened. That may not be the worst thing in recent days, but it is like the last straw. And you start to pour out reproaches, threats, very hurtful comments, sentences … and many tears. Because in addition, you associate the fight of the moment with the belief that your love is ending, that your partner no longer loves you, and that you want the world to swallow you … and you cry out to heaven for so much misunderstanding and lack of love. Sure, your partner’s hallucinations are monumental. And if this is repeated a lot, you alone will be really pushing that person away, even if it is because he feels bad for doing you “so much damage.” If you are such a desired sign, it is always because of how well you know how to love. Well, don’t tighten the rope by making it appear otherwise.


about something very important into your head if you want to find love. If you want it to last, rather, because you are not lacking opportunities. And you should NEVER expect your partner to give you the same as you give her. Because of the way you are, you love to pamper your partner, intuit what’s wrong with her, empathize with her … you do all that, and that’s fine, but the problem is that you would like your partner to do the same with you: to pamper you, to listen to you, to make your life easier. But Leo, each person is the way they are, and you cannot be obfuscated if that person you have fallen in love with is not as detailed as you. It would be great if you expressed what you want, that you talk to her about it, and that you trust her to learn to give you what you like. What you do wrong is to get angry as a child, to recriminate what he does not give you,


Virgo, recognize that your critical part towards others is very very frustrating. And with the excuse that you are even more critical of yourself, you mercilessly crush anyone who does not do what you think they should do. In the case of your partner, you can suffocate her so much that she can lose interest in you, that she moves away because she does not hear you and because she does not suffer your continuous scrutiny, and that you lose her. It is true that your intention always with so much criticism is to improve people and relationships, and that everything is wonderful. But a person is something alive, like a relationship, and not a car that is being tuned, nor the decoration of a living room nor a kitchen recipe. Accept life as it is, that person you love, and the relationship you have. In imperfection there is also something precious, it is something real, alive, and that is there to be enjoyed every day.


Libra, the advice that you should apply to your life if you want to find the love you already know, because nobody has to tell you things twice, you learn quickly and well. And it is that you take control, that you prioritize yourself, that you do not do things thinking of others. You are so adaptable that your personality is diluted among that of others. And it is not fair, especially for you that you are a really special person. In your relationships, you give the impression that you can do whatever you want with you, you still let yourself be loved, as you adapt to when they mistreat you. Be that as it may, they don’t value all the good you have because they see you as easy and accessible. It would be perfect if you were like that because you want to, but you know that you do not like to be so moldable for everyone, and also with your partner. You know that you would like to have more strength and character to say: NO. Listen to yourself when you have a relationship, decide what YOU want, and then go for it. And if you crash, let it be because YOU are driving, not because nobody was driving you. Do you want to know the advice that you should apply to your life if you want to find love? There you take it, Libra.


Scorpio, you are someone passionate, and because you have that capacity you are very envious, except when, because of that same passion, you become jealous, possessive, and obsessive when your relationship is going well, and spiteful and vindictive when things go wrong. You have a personality that is divided in two, giving you on the one hand a strong character and a lot of charisma, and on the other, you are a volcano about to explode continuously. Also think that you are used to living with a lot of intensity, to living with your lights and your shadows, but what about the other person? Maybe not Scorpio like you. And so? Does he have to understand everything about you and put up with what he doesn’t like? Are you going to be just as understanding with their way of being? The result is a huge imbalance, and a relationship has to be balanced. Flexibility and understanding, Scorpio.


Sagittarius, as long as you do not get it into your head that a couple does not have to change you, or take away your freedom, or prevent you from living life as you like, you will not find love. You will meet many people, you will have relationships, but they will not last, because you have too many ghosts with it. You deceive yourself into being in a relationship, believing that you are with someone you like and that you enjoy, but you know that deep down, you want to live love intensely. Because you love life intensely and you like to live everything intensely. Also, you have to be consistent: it turns out that you want the most in everything, and in love, you settle for something lukewarm, that neither fú nor fa? You do not even believe it. If you feel for someone something nice, and you go to more, do not be afraid to move on. You have the ability to create something precious where the two of you continue to be yourself, with your freedom, making plans together and separately. Sagittarius, don’t be afraid.


As an earth sign, you know what you want, you are not in the clouds, and life for you translates into a lot of work, a lot of obligations, and not trusting others too much, but a lot in yourself. All of that is fine, Capricorn, but life is more than that. And a relationship even more. The advice that you should apply to your life if you want to find love is that you relax next to that person that you like so much, let things happen between you, let yourself be surprised, surprise her if you can think of how to do it, do not rule out doing “that nonsense for love ”… Even if you control your job and your economy of 10, you can control feelings, neither yours nor of course those of that person you love. Of course, exposing yourself can make you vulnerable, but you can control not lose control, worth the redundancy.


Aquarius, your privileged head is your ally for life, it gives you something to think about, it makes you happy while you learn, it allows you to devise ways to improve the world, you like to look at life from an intellectual point of view. It is what has to be very smart. But to find love … there your head should relax and watch. And let the protagonists be your eyes, your hands, your lips, your skin, your heart, your emotions, your feelings… When you are with someone, you rationalize any sensation, and as directed you act. The head will tell you “alert”, “eye, control”, “careful, think differently”, and many things like that. That is why you should let yourself go, not think about it so much, feel and live on another plane … always with someone who respects your ideas, your sense of freedom, your unconventional way of life … Aquarius, relax, live, don’t look for explanations, look for more sensations, get drunk with feelings. You will control when necessary. And don’t think that loving someone is to stop being you.


Pisces, you find love continuously, you were born to fall in love, and you do it continuously, in a real way or in your imagination. And you’re happy being that way, what’s more, you wouldn’t know how to be otherwise. But to find true love, you need to focus more, put your feet on the ground, speak by mouth of what you see or hear, not by what you imagine or intuit … Pisces, you have to be clearer and more realistic. And do you know why? Because your partner has to understand you, otherwise he will feel that he does not know what relationship you have, or who you are, or where you are going. Your intensity in love is designing relationships that are lost in the immensity of who knows what. You have to define yourself, you have to know what you want from a relationship … your declarations of love and intentions are precious, fairy tale, but vague and imprecise, they confuse your partners. They sound great but you have to translate them into something more tangible. Test. You are capable of creating wonderful relationships, but make them real.


The Advice That You Should Apply To Your Life If You Want To Find Love

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