The 50 Things You Should Know About Geminis

Know About Geminis

The 50 Things You Should Know About Geminis

Everyone knows that Geminis, the famous twins, can hide numerous personalities. And almost all of them like it. Because of his intelligence and his sociable character. That to start. Then, the dual aspect of Gemini can make them kinder on some days and more introverted on others; and a few more days delivered to the rest and others very independent and rebellious. And so we could go on and fill pages and pages… These are the 50 things you should know about Geminis:

  1. Through their conversation, Gemini always wins. Because of what he says and how he says it. He unites intelligence and power of expression. Besides sweetness. It’s nice that they beat you with those weapons.
  2. Geminis carry a great writer inside. At school, surely they stood out for his writings. And as parents, they are very good at telling stories to their children.
  3. Gemini’s impatience is remarkable. All those people who have seen him yawn or get distracted when they spoke to him can attest to this.
  4. Despite not being famous, when you want to have good love, Geminis gives more than one surprise. And more than two, three, four…
  5. Gemini has another heart in his head. When you really want to reach his heart, you will always have to take a detour and “fall in love” with his mind first.
  6. In public, Geminis always command attention. Because of his appearance, because of his conversation, because of his joviality, and because of his charisma.
  7. Gemini’s ability to get angry is amazing. When you least expect it…. wham! Although it passes soon. Goodness!
  8. No other zodiac sign knows how to live life like Gemini. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are with. How wonderful to see him enjoy like this!
  9. It is not good to fall in love with a Gemini until you show real interest. By? Because there is a high risk of ending up with a broken heart.
  10. Geminis look like a teenager: young in body and even younger in mind. And don’t miss the good love. The surprise: the experience that the years give.
  11. Gemini acts with such intelligence and brilliance that they always manage to get where they want and work on what they like the most.
  12. Geminis are unforgettable. It is impossible to forget so many people at once. Among the 50 things you should know about Gemini, take note of this one.
  13. Geminis know how to debate and refute, it seems that there is no end, it seems that they do not shut up, and it is like that, they will not shut up when they know they should not.
  14. Socially, Gemini never stands still. She is like a butterfly that flies non-stop, that everyone watches as it passes by, and that no one can catch if they don’t want to.
  15. To get into Gemini’s love you have to be someone interesting. Wanting is not power. But the power is held by Gemini.
  16. Geminis are expressive, curious, versatile, witty, and good communicators. And they adapt to everything.
  17. Geminis are capable of convincing anyone just because of the security they show. And when his intelligence is added to that…
  18. The Gemini mind is a marvel in terms of productivity. Except when he goes round and round about some things.
  19. Geminis never does something out of obligation. He does it because he wants to. He has to see it like this and if not, there is nothing to do. He won’t.
  20. The Gemini woman is smart, cheeky, sarcastic, and always has to have the last word.
  21. Gemini’s anger is super bearable. Even if he seems angry or irritated at one point, it doesn’t last long. And even when it passes, he’ll be happier than before he got angry.
  22. At any gathering or event, it will be hard to see Gemini alone. He has no problem talking to anyone. He is a social animal.
  23. Without freedom, it is difficult for Geminis to live happily. Missing him is something he hates.
  24. Gemini’s changes of mind are as frequent as they are fast. While changing shoes he can have up to three.
  25. As Gemini touches someone with the wand of their charm, let them give up. Few people can resist. And if they succeed, it is because they fight with all their might.
  26. When Gemini reads, he gets so involved that his mind flies to where the place he is reading about is.
  27. Gemini is not only a dreamer but has many dreams. And he renews them every day, every minute, and every second.
  28. When Gemini gets restless and curious, they are able to discover a treasure. And if it is not a treasure, it will be anything, anyone, any pleasure.
  29. The Gemini woman is one of the most desired of the Zodiac. Do you know who are examples of this? Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman and Kylie Minogue.
  30. Keywords about Gemini: wit, versatility, sense of humor, fun, and imagination.
  31. If you want to date a Gemini, you can already think about not being boring. And if you’re not funny, go deleting his number from your schedule.
  32. Gemini women change their minds so much that they sometimes have trouble focusing on just one person. Until they find her.
  33. No matter how old they are, Geminis always have a very up-for-love attitude. She doesn’t get tired, she always feels like it and always invents something new.
  34. Geminis can talk a lot, but what they really want is to COMMUNICATE. And understand things, have answers, and feel safe with all of that.
  35. No matter how still you see a Gemini, their head is going a thousand revolutions. Something will be thinking, planning, organizing, creating, feeling…
  36. When Gemini is cold or selfish, you have to look at how their heart is. And if you’ve been hurt…
  37. If you ask a Gemini how he feels, you won’t find an easy answer. In their own way, on these issues, Geminis makes it difficult by not being very clear.
  38. Geminis have the ability to do many things at the same time. Maybe he doesn’t finish all of them but it’s not that bad either, right?
  39. Although Gemini can be knocked down and knocked over by something or someone, they don’t usually stay down. He quickly gets to his feet and starts fighting again.
  40. The Gemini woman is very flirtatious. The man too. But so much social life is for them a stage in which you have to show off 100%.
  41. What’s up Gemini? Of the slow, boring, and depressing people. However, if he has friends like that, he will never let them down.
  42. The Gemini heart is one of those who forgive easily but it is not a foolish heart that forgives anything. Nothing of that.
  43. Gemini’s power of persuasion is of such a caliber that just talking encourages the other person to want to undress as soon as possible.
  44. Important for understanding Gemini: he was born with such a complex personality. It’s like that always. And whoever understands him and whoever doesn’t… There they are!
  45. The Gemini soul mate has to start out as a life partner. To follow him or go next to him through life. And to play everything!
  46. To hold a Gemini you have to be fast. Any tenth of a second that is lost in thinking or acting can be the loss of Gemini.
  47. When Geminis fall in love for real, they grow up. If someone gets to her heart, they are able to change whatever it takes.
  48. Geminis don’t see as much of a problem with their changing personality as others do. What’s more, he believes that it helps him to better understand the changes that others have.
  49. Gemini always has an answer for everything. If someone doesn’t want to know an answer to something, don’t ask them.
  50. Sometimes Geminis don’t make a distinction between true love and a one-night love. He gets so involved in the present that he doesn’t care how long it will last.

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